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best iOS camera app

ProCamera app is the best iOS camera app for iPhones, which is compatible with iPod, iPad, and iPhone running iOS 4.2 or later versions. This ProCamera has been getting enthusiastic reviews for while. It’s gathered reviews from everyone – from The New York Times to Apple itself. Just tap the menu button and access the grids so that you can align your pictures, anti-shake, self-timer and expert modes settings functionality. Since there are so many apps to take mobile photos, but the considerable things are such as shooting features, user interface, and many other pro options. You can get these all from this inexpensive app, ProCamera so that you could just be the rightful king. The downloading link is here.

Table of Content

  1. Features of the Best iOS Camera App, ProCamera
  2. Getting started
  3. Perfect Zoom
  4. Framing a shot
  5. Stabilizing photos
  6. Editing Photos
  7. Cropping photos
  8. Brightness, contrast and other settings
  9. Applying filters
  10. Conclusion

Features of the Best iOS Camera App, ProCamera

In this post, we’ll take you through the steps for snapping photos and editing them using ProCamera’s many customizable features. The key features of ProCamera App are as follow:

  • It comes with 6X full resolution zoom.
  • There are exposure, focus, color temperature and stability controls features.
  • You’ll get photo editing tools, such as brightness, contrast, and color saturation adjusters.
  • It offers a wide range of photo filters.
  • You’ll find the Full HD video capabilities with this app.

The required Operating systems of the ProCamera app are as follow:

  • You must need iOS 4.2 or later to run the app.
  • It also works on iPad, iPod or iPhone where the complete features only included on iPhone 4S and later.

Getting started

If you click the best iOS camera app, ProCamera icon on your device’s home screen, you’ll immediately usher to the app’s nerve center. That’s known as the photography dashboard. It comes with a nice to see such a frictionless interface. you’re immediately ready to take pictures while tapping the app. We’re a big fan of this intuitive icons and menus. Or, we should say, we’re a fan of most of the icons. When you’re going to dive so deep, you must take a look at the user manual of the app. You’ll find a couple functions are not readily apparent where even after you click the icon for them. Here, we’re looking at the anti-shake button.

At the edge of this best iOS camera app interface, there are three buttons, which are shown on the left in this horizontal view, from top to bottom. These include a button to switch between front and back cameras, White Balance Lock, which locks color temperature if the app is in Expert Mode. The app comes with three flash options, such as auto, on and off, as well as the Steady Light. The light uses to illuminate your subject before engaging the flash for the night, backlit photos or low light. Besides, you can just tap the camera button or tap and hold anywhere on the screen so that you can take a photo. But, where is the other fun remaining? So, let’s see what else ProCamera can do for you.

Perfect Zoom

The hype appears largely justified on paper about this best iOS camera app that we’re talking about. Among the amazing features, you’ll get caught surely with its 6X full resolution zoom. You can zoom in or out while using screen swipes and snap a photo, which is at nearly the same quality if you don’t zoom in at all. an adjustable shutter timer augments the zoom where you’ll get a rapid-shot mode as well as some other high-octane options. From the ability to set and lock exposure, these features include everything. Also, you can use the focus separately to one-tap color temperature so that you can control to an anti-shake mode. While the mode doesn’t snap the photo until the camera is still and the ability to shoot full HD video.

Framing a shot

If you switch over the expert mode of the best iOS camera app, you can immediately start toying with the focus. It’s that represented by the blue box as well as exposure the yellow circle of each shot right on the main display. You can resolve and lock both settings at the same time while tapping and holding anywhere on the screen. When you need more control, you have to drag the yellow circle anywhere on the screen to set the exposure. So, do the same for the blue box to set the focus when you need it.

Moreover, both the focus box as well as the exposure circle will “lock” independently after calibrating. Also, it’s allowing you to then move your device without losing your settings. As a result, just tap and hold the center viewfinder circle within either symbol to default back to their original configuration. Also, there are some smart alignment options to frame your shot included with the Pro Settings menu icon at the bottom of the camera screen.

Stabilizing photos

The entire theme of the mobile photography comes with an issue as it holds a Smartphone perfectly stable when you click the shutter is challenging sometimes. But, this best iOS camera app named ProCamera provides some features that it helps you to overcome the issue. Here, when you toggle the anti-shake button, it automatically delays taking the image. It delays until your mobile’s gyroscope feature detects that the device is stable. The app also features a timer that automatically takes a picture anywhere from half a second to 20 seconds after pushing the timer button. When paired with a stand or tripod, this too can help ensure a steady shot.

Editing Photos

Once you take photos, it’s time to edit them. You can do the transition from shooting to editing swiping your finger to the right, which shows the image you’ve just taken. And another side, you’ll find the editing studios icon where a paintbrush and scissors crossed. You can also access these editing features by tapping the Pro icon to access your album and the app’s studios. Moreover, it comes with Pro Cut, Pro Lab, and Pro FX editing ‘studio’ so that you can make your photos perfect using this best iOS camera app and its editing tools.

Cropping photos

It’s the best iOS camera app that allows you to manually crop, rotate and resize your photo. Or, you can use a preset template that comes with aspect ratios from 1:1 to 9:16. You’ll find that the crop tool is displaying the cropping area’s resolution when you adjust it. As we spent some attempts trying to move the slider to precisely the angle we wanted. We found it easy to do either over or undershoot. Besides, Using this feature on an iPad should be easier, but isn’t.

Brightness, contrast and other settings

If your photo is even perfect, this best iOS camera app, ProCamera can make it little better with its Pro FX and Pro Lab options. The Pro Lab offers you to toggling the contrast, color saturation, brightness and color temperature levels of your photo. Its touchy slider is easy to over-saturate and it regulates color saturation that hard to hit an exact percentage of color saturation. Moreover, the Pro Lab features work well along with help turn iffy photos into something with a little more style.

Applying filters

Now, come to the point of the photo filters where ProCamera’s Pro FX menu range from the fun to the functional. You’ll find it allows turning a photo to the sepia-toned that make it looks like the historical photography. Besides, when you’ll apply the night vision effects, you’ll get the real value using the ‘Retouch’ filter category. These brighten up photos along with heightening the contrast and fix both yellow and blue color saturation in your pictures. Moreover, the filters can be applied with one finger tap and previewed before you save them to your device.


Finally, the best iOS camera app, ProCamera comes with a lot of attractive features, which all are available only for $2.99. This is not so high price for such a great photo capturing and editing app that’s somewhat lightweight and simple to use. Besides, this is a well-conceived, high-quality app that would be well worth buying at twice the price. At this price range, it’s one of the most comprehensive, reasonably priced photo apps on the market. So, it comes with an easy to understand interface with a lot of features for a simple price.

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