Amazing All-Rounding Smartphone Elephone P9000 Review

You must read this Elephone P9000 review if you want to find out why this mid-range Android phone is so good. Although Chinese smartphones have a tendency to come in a great deal cheaper than their USA and UK counterparts, usually with a some of the compromises. With the P9000 we’re really struggling to find them. Yeah, it’s really an amazing all-rounder when you talk about mid-ranged Smartphone that comes under $200. If we say specifically, it was just $179.47 when we review it. It’s really that the Elephone P9000 has definitely been a nice surprise. The Elephone P9000 reminds us instantly of the OnePlus 2 with its irregular sandpaper-like rear cover along with what we thought was an Alert Slider on the left side of the phone out of the box. So, let’s know the other features of P9000.

Elephone P9000 review

Table of Content

  • The Features – Elephone P9000 Review
  • Elephone P9000 Review: Design and Build Quality
  • Compare with Other Smartphones
  • Looks Like as a Good Android Phone
  • Elephone P9000 Review of the Connectivity
  • Elephone P9000 Review of the Hardware & Performance
  • Talking More about the Design Feature
  • Elephone P9000 Review of the Software
  • Elephone P9000 Review of the Camera

The Features – Elephone P9000 Review

This is one of the first few Android phones that are running Android 6.0 Marshmallow out of the box on the subject of software. The phone is slick to look at and that’s before you get to the benchmark performance of the phone where it was decent as well. Besides, you’ll love the facts of the Helio P10 equipped Android M phone, which comes with a 4GB RAM, 32 GB ROM and a 3000 mAh long battery life. Moreover, it offers quick and wireless charging along with reversible USB-C and Octa-core processor. These all have made it truly futureproof Smartphone.

Elephone P9000 Review: Design and Build Quality

We had reviewed the last the Quad HD Elephone Vowney, which has some the great hardware inside as well. But, this one is cheaper than the first one because coming with the glossy plastic casing. Unlike many other phone makers, Elephone makes a point of creating different designs for each of its handsets. Whereas the Samsung and Sony of this world all follow the same basic appearance as they are instantly recognizable. Here is the only thing tying together Elephone’s line-up is the shiny silver logo, which emblazons on the rear of each phone.

Compare with Other Smartphones

Although not dissimilar to the OnePlus 2, the Elephone P9000 has a nice design and yet far from a carbon copy of that one. It has a rough, sandpaper-like rear case like the OP2 – but it’s not as rough as OnePlus’ example. Also, it’s not removable. Instead, you pop in the microSD (or two SIMs) and SIM card in a slot-loading tray at the phone’s top left edge. Besides, its rear camera layout is different. This is because OnePlus is placing its dual-LED flash, camera along with laser autofocus in a vertical metal strip. But, the Elephone is arranging its trio in a horizontal fashion. As the P9000’s dual-flash is two-tone, and the below is the significantly larger and slightly protruding camera glass, it has a fingerprint scanner that’s circular in shape.

If we come to the Alert Slider option, we’ll find it on the left edge of the OnePlus 2. Similarly, the P9000 also places a button here – more comfortably positioning slightly lower down the case. But, its ‘Smart Key’ does more than tone down notifications. There is an option in the settings that lets you customize this button to launch any app you wish. It’s only when the Smart Key function switches off does it function a little like the OP2’s Alert Slider it that’s alternating between do not disturb and vibrate mode. Now, we’ll know about many useful software features later on the phone, though. This is because the hardware inside is up to the job too, as you’ll get them to next.

Looks Like as a Good Android Phone

It’s a good-looking Android phone when looking at its own right – especially at the price. As it’s built around a tough metal frame that’s just 7.3mm thick, this houses an LG-made LTPS OGS display. Also, it’s that who has such slim bezels this 5.5in-screen phone. As a result, it feels much smaller and easier to manage than most phablets. Moreover, its subtle curved edges at the rear make it feel great in the hand, as well as the sandpaper-like rear does wonders for grab. Also, the screen itself is bright and vivid, and reasonably good at repelling fingerprints. It’s that comes with a sharp full-HD resolution of 1920×1080 pixels (401ppi). And its decent viewing angles are perfectly suited to enjoying media such as playing games and watching movies.

Elephone P9000 Review of the Connectivity

Needless to explain, the Elephone P9000comes with 4G LTE band support so that you can get connected with your loved ones anytime and anywhere in the world. As the hardware is certainly roleplay, it’s consolidating the Network Support. All at once the smartphone can support dual SIM cards. Besides, the dual-band Wi-Fi support clubbed with GPS facility, Bluetooth, and standard sensors that’ll certainly make it difficult for you to believe this is a budgeted handset. In addition, it has a compass, Face Unlock technology, and fingerprint sensors, we already know it that works astoundingly well.

Elephone P9000 Review of the Hardware & Performance

Now, let’s get the Elephone P9000 review of its hardware and performance. That means, we’re talking about the performance, the Elephone P9000 comes with the latest Octa-core processor. It has the 1.5 GB of clock Speed that runs all your daily need apps smoothly without any lacking. Moreover, you can also play games and do multitasking, it will perform seamlessly but games like Mortal Combat, Asphalt may be lack. It doesn’t use Mali GPU as the graphics chip. As an alternative, the device comes off those noticeable improvements that you will find out only when you purchase the handset. The internal 4 GB RAM capacity solves out any memory issues. It not only comes with 32 GB ROM but a 3000 mAh long battery life as well.

Talking More about the Design Feature

The default navigation bar setting is one of the key design features of the Elephone P9000. As usual, the Android phones come with three buttons and buttons are sitting on the screen. One of them takes you to the home screen, one takes you back a step, and another brings up a list of open apps. But, the Elephone P9000 uses an ‘E-touch’ or single-touch button for all three, where just a tap takes you back and a double tap takes you home. And if you make a long-press, it’ll open the multitasking menu. We quickly use and like this feature, but if you can’t get your head around it then it is possible to turn on a traditional three-button navigation bar in the settings.

Elephone P9000 Review of the Software

In the Elephone P9000 review of the software, the device runs on the Android 8.1 Oreo operating system, which is rarely found in budgeted smartphones. This phone is mostly known for satisfying the buyers in every aspect. As a result, we can assure that it has a clean and fast user interface. What is more, it is running on the custom Android which helps you add some modification in UI. For example, you can change the Apps Icons, Themes, and other things as well.

Elephone P9000 Review of the Camera

In the Elephone P9000 review of the camera, even when you look at the cameras, you’ll find the dual lens. But, it has no Dual Rear camera, which is the current trend in the market. So, what? The 8.0MP of rear camera manages to capture nice shots, which is perfect to capture the videos at 720P. also, it can capture the images at 1080P. besides, the 5.0MP front camera also performs nicely because the front camera captures the images in HD. Also, it’s great in the low light because of coming with the flashlight.

In the conclusion of the Elephone P9000 review, as it’s worth knowing that P9000 is interestingly better than the variety available in the market. Also, who would believe you can get a design like iPhone X and features that is so versatile with such a little amount of money. But, you must have a closer look at it while purchasing a smartphone.

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