Amazingly Best Beauty Camera App Facetune 2 for iPhone

This is the best beauty camera app for those who like to retouch their photos and already knows how amazing features in the Facetune app are. You’d be surprised that even the celebrities are using this app. This is because this photo editing app offers its users tools so that it can help them seem to be their best with some simple taps. Besides, the best selfie camera app has gained a great success. That’s why Apple named Facetune as the #4 best selling app among the paid iOS apps last year. The Lighttricks is the developer of the app and mentioned the app as the second generation of this identifies since the last November.

Best beauty camera app

Moreover, the best beauty camera app has been downloaded over 4 millions times, which is booming quickly to the next best thing for the selfie-takers. But, if you’re familiar with FaceTune app, you may wonder why the developer decided to open another standalone app in place of adding new features to its current app. It has explained from the developer side where they have said that they want to go on to bring up to date things to the market. They also add that as it’s not some branding thing, so where you are taking the same stuff. Besides, it’s nothing but completely a new product. Now, let’s get the download link of the app here.

Table of Content

  • Surprising Features of the Beauty Camera App
  • Beauty Camera
  • Photo Editor Pro
  • Face Editor
  • Edit you
  • Capture HD Video
  • Facetune vs. Facetune 2 – A Comparison
  • Can’t Edit Cons
  • Conclusion

Surprising Features of the Beauty Camera App

As the best beauty camera app is comparatively a basic app but it’s very easy for everyone to master. If you install and then launch the app, it’ll give you the choice to pick a photo either from the album or shoot one by means of the camera. It automatically detects your face so that it can remove blemishes and pores to makes your skin smooth. Once you have photos with the edit, you can decrease or increase the quantity of brightness using the available slider.

On the other hand, you’ll find there are many filters available so that you can use them over the beauty effect. Besides, there are also sharpness and contrast controlling option where you have a chance to crop, trim, and edit your photos. As a result, it’s like a small integral editor for the standard stuff. Because the app has standard ads, but there are not the means you can go away for in-app purchase. The only way is to buy the pro version so that you can remove these banner ads. Meanwhile, let’s see what comes with this best beauty camera app Facetune 2.

Beauty Camera

The best beauty camera app offers HD camera so that you can take the best selfies. Besides, you can select photos from the gallery of your device and its dozens of filters along with makeup effects will help you to make your photos smarter. Also, you’ll get some different retouching levels as well as the saturation of makeup effect consistent with specific blemishes and your skin tone.

Photo Editor Pro

The best beauty camera app comes with powerful photo editing function so that beauty camera makes each selfie and image perfect plus amazing. Moreover, its interesting motion stickers and video camera take much more fun for you and your friends.

Face Editor

As it comes with adjustable skin tone; it gives you a radiant complexion. The app provides possess V-shaped face within seconds with the help of a slider. You can beautify and widen your eyes with pouch eliminating so that you can be more attractive. Its smaller and straight nose option makes you prepare to fun with friends in a second with a fantastic usual way. In addition, because it has an influential makeup function, you’ll get motion stickers and video camera as well.

Edit you

The best beauty camera app comes with a lot of unique sticker along with exclusive design. This is because you can meet your all kinds of needs for photo editing. If you ask about the Mosaic feature, it comes with paintbrushes of various types. Its unique mosaic effect creates your photo clear so that it looks amazing. Furthermore, its numerous fashionable fonts are accessible to you. If you want to know what about the photo cropping is then you can crop your photo at any size as you like. Besides, its professional photo processing tool makes it possible so that you can possess your photo in high-class with a slider. Are you a little bit thick or obese? Don’t worry because you have to use only one tap to make you slim and beautiful with a model-like look.

Capture HD Video

Need smart HD video capturing? So, simply record your unforgettable moment along with many of special filters. Not only can this but you use the most interesting animated stickers as well. These include animal ears and spit rainbow and then share your HD video with family and friends! On the other hand, it comes with the snapshots feature. It needs only one tap and you can take a lot of self-snapshots. It also offers to change different poses and snaps away until you get preferred photo, which makeup can complete within seconds.

Facetune vs. Facetune 2 – A Compare

Although Facetune 2 is basically all of what Facetune offers and in addition it offers many more features. Besides, the quantity and types of features, the other major dissimilarity between the two apps is their payment models. As a paid app FaceTune costs $3.99, which means a once payment to release all the photo editing tools. But, this is the other reason why the developer decides to release a separate transcribe app is because “the paid model has limitations” from a production viewpoint.

On the other hand, the Facetune 2 goes after the subscription model of the App Store. It means that the app free to download and it’s giving the access to the users to most of its features. But, if you want to get the entire access to the app, you must subscribe to the app. As a result, you have to pay an annual fee of $9.99.

Can’t Edit Cons

If you have tried about every photo editing app available in the market, all those will be replaced with FaceTune 2 quickly. This is because the best selfie camera app works like the PhotoShop Fix and BeautyPlus apps. But, as you know nothing is 100% perfect, the con is the above stated annual fee. This means that you’ll have to renew your subscription each year. It’s nothing for those who use photo editing apps all time. But, it’s too much for those who don’t use photo editing apps or software at all.

Besides, some of the new users get overwhelmed with where to start and how to use its tools. But, we get the app easier over time the more you play around and also feel like some of the tools edit the face in excess of the extent. As a result, the things can get either cartooning or just plain out phony looking real fast. Keep in mind that sometimes less is more because the amount applied depends on the user.


There is no doubt that this is the best beauty camera app to beautify your visage because of the easiness of the app. Moreover, it’s a big confidence creator for all types of social media portraits as well as family photos. As the app works well, it has no rigid sequences while multiple ‘Undo’ allows you circumvent long mistakes. Although its live preview feature is fun to experiment with, we found the images often seemed somewhat soft. But, you’ll be satisfied when you’ll find the final results of the great photo editing. So, it’s really good for taking a selfie, which is particularly intended for candy selfie. Finally, bet you that once you check out Facetune 2, you’ll never go without retouching picture with it over again.

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