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Best Selfie App for Windows Phone That You’re Looking For

There are camera apps not only for every Android phone but best selfie app for Windows phone as well. However, a few phones even come with wonderful camera specs, including the Nokia Lumia 1020. This is because it comes with a 41MP rear camera. Nowadays, people use the camera of their phone in different ways. But, selfie-taking is a norm ... Read More »

Best Smartphone Under $200 with Best Selfie Camera App

If you’re looking for the best Smartphone under $200, then this buyer’s guide is for you so that you can know everything you need to know. These days you no longer need to spend over $800 or sign a 2-year contract for a good experience because of cheap Android phones for those on a budget. These Smartphones are not only affordable but come ... Read More »

Top & Best HD Selfie Camera Apps for Android of 2018

HD selfie camera apps are essential because we living in a generation where we have access to a remarkable camera right in our pockets instead of carrying a separate camera everywhere. As a primary device to capture videos and photos, many people rely on their smartphones. But, their default camera doesn’t always help them to get the best kind of ... Read More »

Best Selfie Camera App 2018 That May Need for the Android Phone

Throughout this content, we’ll go ahead to find out the free and best selfie camera app 2018 for your Android phones. The revolution of selfie started back in the early 2000s when there were not many Smartphones to come with the front-facing camera. Thanks to Smartphone manufacturers because they quickly responded to the market trend changes. And they started offering ... Read More »

BeautyPlus Beauty Camera App iPhone: Best Selfie Camera App

BeautyPlus beauty camera app iPhone is the best selfie camera app among many of them. This selfie camera app lets you make your face more beautiful using the auto-beautifying tools that deliver the professional results. It helps to transform your selfies into anime collage so that you can also join celebrities like Kate Beckinsale and Jimmy Fallon. Also, you can use it to express ... Read More »

Best Selfie Camera App Camera 360 Sight after Lumia Camera

Because Lumia Camera possibly is the best selfie camera app to take photos so far. But, camera 360 Sight also one of the best selfie apps after the Lumia Camera. Camera 360 Sight not only comes with fully manual settings but it has an intuitive user interface as well as cool features, such as 4K video recording for some high-end ... Read More »

Best Selfie Camera App of the Filmic Pro Android Review

Filmic Pro Android is not only the best selfie camera app but also popular for video capturing. The app is used in the iPhone widely but it’s usable with Android phones as well. It has many advantages for shooting pro video while now but continues to get better with every new release. So, this selfie camera app could be turned ... Read More »

Top 7 Samsung Best Selfie Phone with Amazing Selfie Camera

If selfies are the best-concerned feature of your Smartphone, then Samsung best selfie phone offers you the top brand. So, you can go for a host of options and help while selecting a phone from a list of the best Samsung camera phones. It can still be difficult to find a mobile device with a decent front-facing camera even though ... Read More »

Frontback Top Selfie Camera App Captures Both Sides Story

Frontback is a top selfie camera app that can capture both sides of the image. It’s far more concerned coming with the touch-up tools. As you know the app uses the front and back cameras to create a single, two-photo showcase both what you’re seeing in front of you. And what more is it provides soulful expression on your face. ... Read More »

Snapchat Photo Editor for Great Photo Messaging Experience

Snapchat photo editor is great for the photo messaging experience. It’ll be well aware if anyone who’s used Snapchat’s Android app in recent years. Because of it’s turned into a buggy mess and laggy. But, we’ve all turned our backs on it previously. You’ll be pleased to know that a complete rebuild is in the works for those of you still muddling ... Read More »