Aviary Photo Editor for the Best Selfie Camera App for Android & iOS

Aviary Photo Editor for the Best Selfie Camera App for Android & iOS

Aviary Photo Editor is really the best selfie camera app that can help you to edit and beautify your selfies. It lets you edit your photos with easy effort. Moreover, selfie editing on Smartphone has never been simply due to limitations of the resources and smaller screen size. But, you’ll get some different things because of Aviary selfie camera app. You won’t need to niggle next time your photos need a bit of a retouch with Aviary on your Android. Because it wanted a quick and easy way to edit our photos on the go with no fuss Aviary is a powerful photo editor which that’s created.

Overview of Aviary Photo Editor

We suggest you install Aviary Photo Editor on your devices so that you can try out the app as you read before we proceed any further. This is because when Aviary on your devices you can try out the app as you read. It will display all the photos in your device using an image flow when you launch the app. If you feel comfortable that way you can slide and choose the image you want to edit or open the gallery. So, tap the camera button to activate the shutter when you want to try the tool on a fresh photo. Finally, the app will load the photos with a set of tools at the bottom tray if you load the image. So, we will emphasize some of the important ones in this article.

Moreover, you can enhance your photo lighting condition while using the Enhance mode. It gives your photo the perfect lighting with Auto, Night, Backlit, and Balance mode. It’s the part what you can say maybe the Instagram killer. You can shine your photos like new dime With 12 free effects and some paid ones. So, when you want to confirm the changes don’t forget to tap the Apply button. With a little adjustment while Whiten will help you with the perfect smile the Orientation and Crop options can help you. Moreover, it shows your creativity in the photos while using the text and Draw button will get you the freedom.

Quick Notes of the Aviary Photo Editor

  • Devices: Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
  • Price: Free
  • Subscription price: Android effects and sticker packs Free – $1.99; iOS effects and sticker packs Free – $1.99
  • Release date: April 3, 2013
  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Size: 8.70 MB
  • Arts: drawing, photography
  • Creativity: imagination, innovation, producing new content
  • Tech Skills: digital creation, using and applying technology
  • Communication: multiple forms of expression, presenting
  • Publisher: Aviary
  • Version: Android 2.4.2; iOS 2.0.0
  • Minimum software requirements: Android 2.2 and up; iOS 5.0 or later
  • Download Links: Aviary App

Quick Features of the Aviary Photo Editor

Before we proceed to know details of the Aviary Photo Editor, let’s get them quick:

  • Get creative with stunning stickers, frames, and overlays
  • Enhance with Hi-Def, Scenery, Food, Portrait, and Night
  • Touch-up selfies with redeye and blemish removal
  • Boost smile wattage with teeth whitening
  • Stylize with over 100 free and purchasable filters
  • Selectively remove and replace color with Splash
  • Draw, add text and create your own memes
  • Add drama with Sharpness
  • Crop, rotate and straighten your photos
  • Adjust saturation, warmth, tint, and fade
  • Draw attention to the subject of your photo with Focus or Vignette
  • Share photos to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook
  • Modify brightness, contrast, highlights, and shadows

Getting in Progress with the Aviary Photo Editor

The Aviary Photo Editor starts with a carousel of images to import. But, this is slow to browse. So, with access to folders and Dropbox cloud storage while clicking the Gallery button works much better. After that, it’s straight on to its editor. As a strip of buttons across the bottom of the screen the various functions are presented. They’ll be spread across two or more pages depending on your screen size. So, swipe left and right to reveal the full set. Because every one applies destructively so you can’t go back and readjust settings it’s easy to apply multiple processes, one after the other. In the Android and iOS apps, there’s no undo history. So, the only option is to start again from scratch if you decide against an effect.

The good places to start up with the Orientation and Crop tools. It’s the right way up because it looks like that the camera’s orientation sensor will tag the photo. But, Orientation also includes horizontal and vertical mirror functions, plus a control for straightening wonky horizons. With the ability to lock into various aspect ratios crop is extremely well implemented to flip between landscape shapes and portrait. Besides, there is dragging a corner adjusts the crop size along with it’s particularly like how it expands. So, rather than the far corner, it contracts around the center of the crop area.

Color Correction of the Aviary Photo Editor

Some functions of the Aviary Photo Editor can flick for big changes and gently nudged to fine tunes, such as Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Warmth, and Sharpness – consist of a single process, controlled using a virtual wheel that. It works particularly well on a phone with this smart system. They can control with one thumb because the controls are all at the bottom of the screen. So, thankfully there’s an option to switch this off in the Settings because we could do without the vibrating feedback. While using the usual pinch and push gestures zooming into and out of the image is performed. It comes with extremely high processing quality of these effects. These include boosting the brightness stops short of turning brighter areas into solid white, and also avoid turning shadows into pasty shades of grey.

Besides, it could describe as a gamma effect more accurately. But, Brightness is a friendlier name and the underlying processing is exactly as it should be. The results are the entire better for it because boosting the contrast applies an S-shaped tone curve rather than simply applying a linear contrast boost. Applying a sharpening effect for positive values and a Gaussian blur for negative values when using sharpness tool. To tackle white balance issues we’d like to see a Fill Light effect for lifting shadows, and the iOS version is currently missing the Warmth control. Even so, to improve photos with this simple set of effects it’s impressive how much can be done. Moreover, it’s worth checking out the Enhance button for a quicker fix. So, with each of which simply presents as an on/off switch, this reveals four processes.

The interface of the Aviary Photo Editor

Aviary is easier to use despite offering more photo editing capabilities than competitors like Wood Camera or BeFunky. It’s from selection to image adjustment to enhancing to sharing with a smooth workflow. As in the default Photos app, the app starts up to show your Camera roll photos and you can simply swipe through them. There are five buttons grace the edges of this starting interface to switch from Camera Roll where the bottom you’ve got Edit this Photo (from Camera Roll), a Camera button, and Albums. More than in most iPhone apps you actually get control over the interface. Appearing once you start editing photo settings let you change where each tool appears in the bottom menu.

We could unpinch to zoom in for a closer look – something surprisingly rare in iPhone photo editors that we like much. The Aviary app doesn’t offer any extras to control snapping pictures, unlike Camera+ and Camera Genius.

Aviary Photo Editor – Friendly, Feature iPhone Photo App

it’s a darned useful and full-featured app in itself, the Aviary Photo Editor for iPhone is partly intended as a demonstration of its maker’s powerful photo API though. Even, if you don’t spring for the extra effect filters and embellishments, you can get a try. Aviary Photo Editor earns a high 4-out-of-5 star rating with more basic photo tools than most similar apps, including teeth whitening and blemishes removal, along with great usability. still manages to edge Aviary out with a bigger set of impressive editing and enhancing tools, our Editors’ Choice iPhone photo app, Snapseed, for example, tilt-shift.

Sharing of the Aviary Photo Editor

As it’s the time of sharing through the social media, you can do it easily with Aviary Photo Editor App. This is because the app lets you send your work to a local Walgreens for printing addition to the usual online sharing targets for your Aviary-edited photos—Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Tumblr.


The Aviary Photo Editor is one of the great apps and best selfie camera app among them. It not only works with Android phones but runs on iOS and Windows phones as well. So, you get in most from Aviary for iPhone is a photo editing app with more correction and enhancement tools. Its basic color-correction tools are surprisingly capable so, it’s well designed for one-handed operation. Because of this, it’s easy to see the appeal of Aviary app. Those who want to process lots of photos with vintage and other stylised effects may want to look elsewhere for a wider range of more sophisticated filters, this app is for them. So, install, edit, your selfies with this app and enjoy!

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