Best Selfie App for Windows Phone That You’re Looking For

There are camera apps not only for every Android phone but best selfie app for Windows phone as well. However, a few phones even come with wonderful camera specs, including the Nokia Lumia 1020. This is because it comes with a 41MP rear camera. Nowadays, people use the camera of their phone in different ways. But, selfie-taking is a norm these days. You would be surprised to know that some of the photographers and movie makers shooting and produce their professional work using their phone cameras. So, the best selfie camera app floods the app store of every mobile platform and many apps that utilize their phone’s camera. There is no doubt that the current is obsessed with selfies. As a result, they need best free Windows phone apps if they are using Windows phones.

best selfie app for Windows phone

Besides, developers are also taking the advantages of the huge users. So, they are making so many different selfie camera apps that suit different needs of the users. As a selfie fanatic, the users have made the selfie trend gradually. That’s why; selfies must be on the Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or even Instagram; no matter which social media platform you use. Furthermore, more enhanced selfies have replaced the regular selfies. As a result, it’s not enough to have only a good front camera for most Smartphone users. Because of this, they look for filters, AR masks, stickers, and many other tools. They use these tools to make their selfies more attractive and glowing. Currently, it looks like a competition that who can post a great selfie with an amazing great presentation. Also, some of them like to add comical items to make their selfie funny.

Get the Best Selfie App for Windows Phone

Here we’re going to put together various apps available in the Windows Phone Store for the Windows Phone users. This is aimed especially to enhance your selfies and images. So, the following list of the best selfie app for Windows phone will help you to present your selfies with the better ways in the social media. Also, you’ll get the download link for an instant download the apps. Now, let’s go and see what the Windows camera app that is waiting for you.

500PX – Best Selfie App for Windows Phone

  • Download Link: 500PX
  • Requires: Windows 8, or above
  • Price: Free

About 500PX

500PX is a wonderful first and the best selfie app for Windows phone. But, you’ll find and like to see its few additional features in the upcoming versions. For example, if you want to pin a particular user’s profile as a secondary Live tile or a particular feed, it will be the best selfie camera app for your windows phone. Also, it would be great to see support for the new Market section of the 500px website. Even it’s an exceptional feature of 500PX that you’ll not find in the iOS app. Since it’s the initial version is a great app, you wouldn’t want to see improvements made. It means that you’ve got to head to the Windows Phone Store and download this free app for Window Phone 8 right now using the below link.

Moreover, this is one of the best free windows phone apps for your Windows phone. The app is nicely crafted for the users. It not only allows you to edit your profile but lets you explore, follow, and give comments as well. Besides, it’s integrated with the Windows Phone Lock Screen setting. This means that with the currently featured photo from 500px it enables you to set your lock screen background. 500px is the essential app on your Windows Phone either merely someone who enjoys good photos or you are a professional photographer, a hobbyist.

Photoshop Express – Best Selfie App for Windows Phone

About Photoshop Express 

It’s easy to edit photos on your Windows Phone while using the Adobe Photoshop Express app. This is another best selfie app for Windows phone at this time. The app allows you to crop, add frame, adjust, and remove red-eye effect from the pictures. Also, it offers a wide range of filters so that you can make your photos amazing. The app offers an in-app purchase for more filters to add to your selection if you think the free features are not enough for you. Moreover, Photoshop Express is a so handy app that you can retouch your photo with simple effort. As a result, it needs just a snap to edit, share and make smile with selfies or other photos. Because it’s a fast, powerful, and easy editing, millions of users are using it happily. Here are a few features of the app for the new users:

  • Basics Features: Straighten, Crop, Flip, Rotate, and Remove red eye of your photos.
  • Auto-Fix Features Single touch to adjust the Brightness, Shadows, and Exposure.
  • Color Features: Slider controls for Contrast, Exposure, Vibrance, Clarity, and more.
  • One-touch filters Feature “Looks”: Select from over 20 striking effects!
  • While adding the Looks Pack and Noise Reduction Pack, you can be creative.
  • It has easy sharing option to social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, and via SMS text.


  • Download Link: InstaSign
  • Requires: Windows 8, or above
  • Price: Free

About InstaSign

Simply best selfie app for Windows phone is InstaSign, which allows you to add an autograph to your selfie. So, use a clean sheet of white paper to write down your autograph, take a picture and add it as your autograph, that’s it. The app will automatically pull out the white background and include the autograph on the photo when you’ve chosen to apply the autograph. This app also lets you assign autographs or attach a watermark to your photos to your digital documents. InstaSign is not only a photo or selfie editor but video editor as well.


  • Download Link: OneShot
  • Requires: Windows 8, or above
  • Price: Free

About OneShot

As OneShot comes with a pack of features, you can play around with it. Are you a fan of different filters? So this app is for you because it brings lots of them and you can apply before taking a photo. Moreover, the Voice Control enables you to take the picture with your voice direction. Upon exploring the app further you will find a plenty of tiny hidden gems. So, to make the best out of it the app literally lets you customize every corner of it. These all made it the best selfie app for Windows phone at this time. In addition, it offers improved photo editor, 20 new filters, UI improvements and much more.

Nokia Panorama

  • Download Link: Nokia Panorama
  • Requires: Windows 8, or above
  • Price: Free

About Nokia Panorama

The name says it all clearly. Nokia Panorama is the best selfie app for Windows phone to take a panoramic picture. Since the app is easy to use, it allows taking some photos to stitch them together into a single image. Moreover, this app comes with the sharing option so that you can share your selfies on the different social sites.


  • Download Link: Photosynth
  • Requires: Windows 8, or above
  • Price: Free

About Photosynth

Photosynth is the own app of the Microsoft. You can create panoramic picture while using the app. this app is able to create a 360-degree panorama, unlike Nokia Panorama that just produces a straight panoramic photo. you can encounter on your adventures because this is a very powerful app to record the amazing views.


  • Download Link: Blink
  • Requires: Windows 8, or above
  • Price: Free

About Blink

As it has a very unique proposition, Blink is a great photography app to use. The best selfie app for Windows phone allows you to capture a sequence of shots before and after the actual picture is taken. After that it lets you select the best shot from there so that you can even create a short animation clip.


  • Download Link: DualShot
  • Requires: Windows 8, or above
  • Price: Free

About DualShot

You can use both cameras if your phone is equipped with two cameras. So, you need a DualShot app so that you can utilize the front and rear camera of your phone that lets you take the picture from both sides. It means that you can take a selfie and also capture a picture of the food at the same time that you’re eating. It’s a norm in this generation. Moreover, you can choose from a wide array of filters while posting your photo in the social sites.


This is the content about the best selfie app for Windows phone that you may need somehow. Besides, there are much more best free windows phone apps that you can choose from. These include LazyLens, Camera 360 and much more. Since the specification of the apps is added, so you can select your suitable one. But, don’t forget to share your experience with these selfie camera apps of the Windows phone. So, comment your notes and if you have anything more to know. Till then, Happy Snapping!

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