Best Selfie Camera Apps – Selfie Camera Apps for iPhone X

Best Selfie Camera Apps – Selfie Camera Apps for iPhone X

Best selfie camera apps for your iPhone X, which is the best features on your iPhone latest version. It comes with the best camera to date along with amazing features, such as OIS telephoto lens and the wider aperture. We have scourged the Apple App Store while finding the best camera apps for mobile phones. These apps allow shooting images and videos that are updated for your iPhone X and this is what we get. You’ll find many great apps in the App Store for your iPhone X while shooting manually. But, only some updates are made to support the iPhone X’s display, the HEIF supported in iOS 11. It comes along with some other depth features of the wonderful dual-camera setup.

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Top 4 Best Selfie Camera Apps for iPhone X

You would be looking for the best selfie camera apps for your iPhone X that come with many attractive features. You’re looking at apps that shoot video, images, and even editing tools. If you like to get the best idea as well see them for you, check out our below reviews.

best selfie camera app for Android

1. FiLMiC Pro

This is a paid version of the best selfie camera app that’s only single app focuses purely while making videography.  It around for quite a while, and is normally regarded as one of the best camera apps, heads off, for professional video shooting in iPhone X. A few of your favorite features contain the ability that can set stop points. Also animate the zoom while shooting, the custom white balance configuration along with the overlaid live analytics.

2. Darkroom

It comes with a bunch of new features in its 3.2 updates. It has Metal 2 graphics support, support for wide color gamut, and a new UI for the iPhone X. this is one of the best iPhone x camera apps while editing your photos, with minute levels of detail. It’s easy to crop your photos, adjust via sliders, apply filters, user curves, and more. The app offers updates of all of that beautiful display, even adding buttons to the “ears” on either side of the notch.

3. Halide

This is another favorite app, which gets an update for your iPhone X. Currently, it comes with a completely new UI that truly focuses on having everything working with one hand. Just like the highlights of FiLMiC Pro the focus area, Halide will provide a live cover up on the screen to facilitate you decode while sharpening your photo parts. This is really a handy feature when shooting, particularly when you are using a manual focus. It also offers the advantage of each millimeter of screen real estate. Where it’s left “ear” uses as a live histogram of your image. But, the right “ear” uses showing the exposure recompense. This is really smart to move these metrics there along with getting them off the viewfinder.

4. Hydra

If you’re in search of high-resolution images along with the HDR photos, or low light shots, then Hydra is your first choice. It offers HDR photos while taking a series of images with different exposures. And then it combines them into one shot that has an accurately exposed foreground and background. These are not only Hydra doing but it shoots a series of photos along with making them also great HDR looking. Moreover, it provides you three options of B/W, strong effect or, medium effect.

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