Best Selfie Camera Phone for 2018 with Some Important Tips

best selfie camera phone

Although it’s a tough work to find out the best selfie camera phone because they’re a lot in the market. As you know, there are so many Smartphone to try out. So, how on earth will you be able to find out which one has the best snapper? Since we’re now in 2018, it means our best selfie phones are listed below will be looking apprehensively over their shoulders set for that they launch at this year. It’s the good news for you the list is tested thoroughly while putting them through their paces of photography in all approach to the lighting condition. As a result, the pictures will help you find out which phone will give the perfect pictures.

Before you choose the best selfie phone or the best selfie camera app, you must keep in mind some points about the phone. So, prior to proceeding discussing the best selfie phones, we’ll know how to choose the best one. It means that we’ve made some tips so that they can help you to find out the perfect one. So, this post is going to discuss with you some important tips for buying a Smartphone. And then, we’ll know about some best selfie phones in this content.

Table of Content

  • Tips to Choose the Best Selfie Camera Phone
    • 5P Lens Clarity for heightened photographic performance
    • Night Front Flash for making Selfie better in low lit conditions
    • Beauty Editing Feature to Edit Image instantly
    • Strong Battery for capturing unlimited selfies
  • List of the Best selfie Camera Phone
    • Google Pixel 2 / Pixel 2 XL
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 8
    • iPhone X
    • LG V30
    • Huawei Mate 10 Pro

Tips to Choose the Best Selfie Camera Phone

As we said above, we’ll learn about how to choose the best selfie camera phone in 2018. This is because you’re looking for something that’s great at taking outdoor snaps. That one also doesn’t bother you if it’s in low light. Also, it’s the great quick picture with friends that are more important than a truly potent sensor. Besides, you may want to see equal comparisons of flagship camera phones in 2018. So, let us tell about a few important factors that selfie lovers must keep in mind while choosing the best selfie phone from a lot of competitors.

5P Lens Clarity for heightened photographic performance

The MPs (Mega Pixels) in camera define the picture quality when you get a very large extent. If there is a higher number of MP, the better quality pictures it presents. Because most smartphones have high Mega Pixel’s rear camera but have only 5 MP or less front ones. However, some smartphones, such as Gionee S6 comes with an 8 MP selfie camera, which catches more light and presents the brighter pictures.

Night Front Flash for making Selfie better in low lit conditions

Most of them don’t have flash in the front camera while today’s Smartphone has an LED flash in the rear camera. It’s because of good low-light or night selfies is very much important. So, it’s necessary to have a front flash for night pictures so that you can take quality pictures in the low light conditions.

Beauty Editing Feature to Edit Image instantly

There is nobody who doesn’t like to look good in the selfies. So, the feature of the beauty editing is extremely important to have on your Smartphone. Because your phone is not the best selfie camera phone if there is no beauty feature. Besides, Beauty editing feature offers always make selfies more beautiful, fun, and shareable. On the other hand, face beauty editing feature can make your skin appear whiter, smoother, and slimmer. For this, you needn’t download any more apps for editing.

Strong Battery for capturing unlimited selfies

As a selfie lover, you understand the importance of long life battery of your handset. You may get quite frustrating when you’re out of battery on the way of the selfie. Not only has this but you found your phone out of charge when you’re out of bed selfie or meeting friends after age’s selfie at night. A standard phone battery life must consider from 3000 mAh to its up so that you never let you down anytime and anywhere.

These were some of the tips to find out the best selfie phone but they’re not all. Because there are more tips to consider, such as you have to avoid shadows, you have to smile like you mean it, avoid over editing your selfie etc.

List of the Best selfie Camera Phone

We have learned some factors or tips to find out the best selfie camera phone of 2018. Now, it’s time to get some example or sample of the best selfie camera Smartphone. Let’s see who they are below:

Google Pixel 2 / Pixel 2 XL

This is simply the best selfie camera phone around because it comes with decent sensors on the back with the Google Pixel 2 duo. But, amazing software processing power along with both cameras is the same. It means that you can take a standard picture, and immediately watch it improve. You can do it before your eyes as the phone stitches together multiple pictures. Although it comes with a single lens, the Pixel 2 can both take surprising portrait shots, getting some authentic meaning to the blend.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes as the close to the best Smartphone camera around. Its camera is one of the very preeminent we’ve experienced for a few reasons. The first one is because the dual sensors are exciting and potent.  It offers the blurred background, the speed of snapping, and the telephoto lens, which are all the things you’re looking for on the high-grade Smartphone. Besides, it comes with longer battery life as well as the enhanced display. It means it can keep you able taking photos for an extended time.

iPhone X

iPhone X has come with best-ever selfie camera around. It comes with the best selfie phone we have ever seen on a device from Apple production. Because it’s on both, such as the front and back camera are the most real than any other selfie phone. In low light or bright scenes, the rear double sensor is able of taking some surprising pictures. This is because it comes with the OLED screen that takes a lot of liveliness to images. As a result, it’s still looking great on a social media platform. It provides the combination of two 12MP sensors where one being telephoto and both packing optical image stabilization, is a nice move. It’ll let you find the speed of snapping pleasing.

LG V30

LG V30 is alternatively a great choice along with the strong snapping abilities. It comes with a camera that takes the best sensors of LG and puts them to good use because it’s at its best when something goes dimmer. It’s not only in truly low light but there’s slight of illumination as well in the V30. So, it can truly come into its personal, taking swift and sharp snaps when you need to get them. Here is the main affair is the 16MP sensor, and when you just desire to take a fast snap it works nicely. The second sensor is a wider-angle affair, which is on the top of it so that you can get in more of the picture you’re frustrating to snap.

Huawei Mate 10 Pro

It’s the Huawei Mate 10 Pro, which is another step forward for a brand looking to truly focus on the performance of the photography. One of the interesting things about this Smartphone is that the weakest performance in ‘standard’ light. This phone is for the more professional user, as the name recommends. It’ll result in some great shots, such as using the phone in low light or getting close. Moreover, there is a lot to do with the fact Huawei is getting monochrome and color sensors into its handset for the best mix of low-light and rich images – and the results bear out.

These were some of the best selfie camera phones of 2018 that are leading in the market. But, these were not all because there are other best selfie phones as well. These include Sony Xperia XA Ultra, Motorola Moto X Pure Edition, Asus ZenFone Selfie, and BLU Selfie etc. if you buy one of the above-stated smartphones, you’ll get high-quality selfies because all of them are high-end Smartphone. Moreover, they are not only best for selfies but better for the videos as well.

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