Camera 365 – The Best Selfie Camera App for Android

Camera 365 – The Best Selfie Camera App for Android

Camera 365 helps you make an attractive image with various tools, such as photo effects, shooting modes and image filter. You can get help while editing your images if you need to splice your images, the effects, and other editing tools. Nobody says you’ve made it like a heavy award trophy that looks like a truly cool current of platinum. It fights over where to display its trophy, well, it’s just half of the fun. This app finds out that it’s the winner of the “People’s Choice Best Beauty & Fashion App”. Because record-breaking voters, 3 million, making it the best selfie camera app, you’re getting it here about.

Beauty Functions

Features of the Best Selfie Camera App Camera 365

This app can make you a photographer when it helps you shooting wonderful photos as the photographers do. Even if you’re not so beautiful to see, then the best selfie camera app can make you beautiful with skin, gentleness, and sweetness. It comes with a tool of magic photos that makes your photos magical with the way you prefer to do. Moreover, if you’re fond of vibrancy, then this is the best app that helps you to make the GIF animation along with audio photos. If you want more, then some other features that come with this app are as below.

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  • Effects: Shooting with beautiful the effects.
  • Self-shoot: Make you beautiful with the best skin.
  • AST shoot: Fast shooting the photos.
  • Tilt-Shift: Highlight a part of the photo.
  • Funny: Shooting the funny photos.
  • Color-Shift: Change color of the photos.
  • Audio: Shooting the photos with audio attached.
  • Gif Animation: Easy to create the Gif photos.

The Photo Effects Supporting Features

  • Enhance: If you want to enhance your photos sharpness and color.
  • Magic Skin: It allows making your skin looks beautiful along with rosy and glossy.
  • Lomo: It helps to make your photo cool while using strong vignetting.
  • Light Color: It expresses your photos gentleness and sweetness if you use this option.
  • Retro: It expresses your feelings of retrospective while using Retro option.
  • HDR: If you want to enhance the gradations and details of your photo, then use this option.


  • Colorful: The option comes to use if you need mysterious colors for your photos that make it vivid.
  • Filter Color: You can use a filter that changes the colors of your photos.
  • Dreamlike: If you use this option, then it makes your photo romantic, gentle, and warm.
  • Ghost: You should not be afraid because of ghost everywhere with this option.
  • Black & White: Strength of light and shadow in black and white.
  • Sketch: if you want your photo make a sketch, and then use this one.
  • Old Time: There is a time that offers to see the old time of your images.

Furthermore, if you want your photo to use multiple effects, then the 365 is the best selfie camera app to do so. It also helps you to splice your images that make it a photo puzzle. These are all about the app and keep tuned with us so that you can get your next updates.

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