Candy Camera  – Review of Candy Camera App

Candy Camera – Review of Candy Camera App

Candy Camera is an app that allows your photo to add a stylish touch. Since it comes with a lot of filter, sticker and frame options, you can edit your image greatly. The most exciting thing about this candy camera is its real-time editing. Which means you can while working with this app. Some different filters that it provides will look without getting to take the image. You just need to slide your finger while the screen to flip through the special existing filters. Also when you have taken an image, you have more potential available to you. You’ll get most kinds of stickers what comes with it while decorating your photos.

What are the Features of Candy Camera App?

Candy camera app is a relatively best camera app while it’s designed along with the Instagram lines. In many ways, it’s better than Instagram while personalizing and editing images. Because it doesn’t have any social media integration, so you can share your images on Facebook or similar networks. Let’s find some great and special features of candy camera app below.

Take a Great selfie!

Candy Camera

This is not only an app for image editing but takes great selfies for you as well. You can take amazing selfies anywhere and anytime while using this app. It also offers great options while beautifying your images with its filters. Moreover, its silent mode helps to take a photo without making a noise. So, as a whole, the app is great because it modifies your image as you like.

Get Huge Filters for Selfies

Candy Camera

It offers a diverse range of image filters, which is specially designed for your selfies. Its filters greatly use while it needs making your skin looks amazing. You can swipe left and right, which lets you change between filters. You’ll find your perfect beautifying filters that need a selfie. Candy Camera’s filters are shown real-time while you take a selfie. So you always look and feel beautiful with Candy Camera’s filters!

Use Beauty Functions

Beauty Functions

It’s not only the filter camera with selfie tools but there are some extra tools to edit for the perfect selfie. You can use these beauty functions what comes with it, such as slimming, blush, whitening, mascara, eyeliner etc. You can use makeup while editing your selfie that makes it beautiful. The candy camera is more than an app while you can use it to beautify your selfie.

Get Stickers
Wow! It’s significantly suitable for those who are fond of stickers for every occasion, trend, and season. You can use the app along with a huge collection of stickers that comes completely free of cost. The stickers are not only coming and staying forever but getting an update with new stickers now and then. You’ll find a lot of cute stickers, which are suitable for your photography and selfie. Each sticker is easy to resize along with move using multi-touch!

Make a Collage
you can take multiple images while making a college choosing from different styles and grids. Moreover, its real-time collage mode comes with taking selfies and you can make a photo booth with filters. So, get continue with it and Have fun taking selfies with your friends!

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