Top 7 Samsung Best Selfie Phone with Amazing Selfie Camera

If selfies are the best-concerned feature of your Smartphone, then Samsung best selfie phone offers you the top brand. So, you can go for a host of options and help while selecting a phone from a list of the best Samsung camera phones. It can still be difficult to find a mobile device with a decent front-facing camera even though ... Read More »

Frontback Top Selfie Camera App Captures Both Sides Story

Frontback is a top selfie camera app that can capture both sides of the image. It’s far more concerned coming with the touch-up tools. As you know the app uses the front and back cameras to create a single, two-photo showcase both what you’re seeing in front of you. And what more is it provides soulful expression on your face. ... Read More »

Z Camera App with Great User Interface & Real-Time Filters

Z camera app presents you a high-speed camera with beautiful filters. Just get it and start recording wonderful moments with Z Camera. It asks just clicking wherever, whenever, you’re! Also, it’s freaky fast! Z camera is one of the best selfie camera apps. It comes with a powerful and HD camera app, which is developed by the Go Dev team. ... Read More »

Amazing All-Rounding Smartphone Elephone P9000 Review

You must read this Elephone P9000 review if you want to find out why this mid-range Android phone is so good. Although Chinese smartphones have a tendency to come in a great deal cheaper than their USA and UK counterparts, usually with a some of the compromises. With the P9000 we’re really struggling to find them. Yeah, it’s really an ... Read More »

Nice Performing Top 7 Best Chinese Smartphone Under $200

$200 is not a bad amount if you want to get best Chinese Smartphone along with nice performance. This is because Chinese manufacturers are not only dominating in the mobile phone market but come with all ranges mobile phones for all sort of people in the world. However, 2017 was a very amazing year for Smartphone markets. Especially, because of ... Read More »

Simply Best Photo Editing Software Halide for iPhones

Halide 1.7 is an amazing best photo editing software for your iPhones, which is only one that you’re going to want to use. But, why the Halide is best; because it not only adds extra control to the stock camera app but easier also to use that built-in app of Apple. Besides, to being one-handed simple, Halide comes with power features ... Read More »

Sweet Selfie Camera with Sweet Selfie App for Android

If you want to show your amazing selfies to the world, simply use this sweet selfie app of the sweet selfie camera right now. This is a pretty selfie master because it comes with perfect filter app for you. As it’s a beautify cam, it’s the best choice for selfies with. This is because it offers snappy fun stickers, 10+ free live ... Read More »

Best Selfie Camera Apps to Take Exciting Selfies

We’re sharing details of the top 7 best selfie camera apps to take exciting selfies. This is because selfies are the current trend in the world. It’s getting impact overall age-group as an addiction – from young guy to older persons – almost everybody is involved in this trend. Especially, those who use Smartphone, they are definitely trying to get ... Read More »

Filmic Pro Android Review with Some Amazing & Dynamic Ranges

Today we’re going to get Filmic Pro Android review, which comes with some newer CMOS sensors. As a result, it offers the dynamic range because it varies with ISO in a bell-shaped curve. So, you’d realize how this quality works if you’re shooting Arri C-Log. This review is all about Filmic Pro v6 when we meant Filmic Pro Android review. ... Read More »