Filmic Pro Android Review with Some Amazing & Dynamic Ranges

Filmic pro android review

Today we’re going to get Filmic Pro Android review, which comes with some newer CMOS sensors. As a result, it offers the dynamic range because it varies with ISO in a bell-shaped curve. So, you’d realize how this quality works if you’re shooting Arri C-Log. This review is all about Filmic Pro v6 when we meant Filmic Pro Android review. It’s the best selfie camera app along with video option for your mobile. Filmic Pro comes with better cutting-edge capabilities along with the interface of the most responsive manual camera for the Android. Currently, it’s been used in the projects of the higher profile videos than any other video app. If you think to download the app, visit this Link.

Filmic Pro Android Review in Brief with Attractive Features

So, let’s take a look at the Filmic Pro Android review in brief. Though you don’t have ISO 64 on the Samsung S7 using Filmic Pro, you do because you can essentially set the S7 to ISO 64. But, sometimes if you turn the shutter dial you’ll not get the display. That’s why it’s a bit strange, but you can turn it until it displays and then lock it to ISO 64 or even 63 which is once more strange. The flat profile will take about 8$ extra as an in-app purchase, but if you think it’s worth you!

Filmic Pro Android Review with New Features, New Look

The very first Filmic Pro Android review goes to its new features and the new look. You can make the best looking mobile video in your life with it as far as this. Its powerful new controls surface set the world’s best video camera app; this is because it’s light years ahead of its competitors. This version is completely re-designed the way you shoot, which offers three unique shooting modes so that you can see color in a brand new way with our visual guide to tint and temperature. Besides, it comes with a load of easy to use presets for shadow, daylight, fluorescent light and tungsten as well as with the option of the lockable auto white balance.

Groundbreaking true LOG for mobile

After getting the Filmic Pro Android, professionals are asking for Flat Color profiles or LOG where we’re thrilled to now offer these revolutionary options. Its LOG, as well as less extreme Flat gamma curve in the new Cinematographer Kit*, provides filmmakers all the freedom they need to obtain spectacular results with color grade data-rich content. Moreover, it comes with Shadow along with 4 Gamma Curves, which will offer you the perfect viewing experience.

Customizable settings

Since it’s coming with more settings, you’re able to get more choice. So, wherever you go in the world FiLMiC Pro will cover you easily. Because it comes with shoot 25 f/s PAL in ROW countries, 30 f/s NTSC or its default 24 f/s for beautiful as well as the cinematic images. It not only offers slow motion and fast motion but comes with aspect ratios. It also offers the host of resolutions means you can get whatever it’s you imagine.

Manual Controls

The iPhone footage is also quite noisy, but it’s even at low on Android devices. You might not notice on the Android if you are shooting video and not using Filmic Pro app. We’re so sure that this is applying some kinds of noise lessening algorithm to the video recording during processing. You can yourself control the shutter speed. And it’s to a definite extent the ISO on the edition of Filmic Pro 6. You’ll find there five positions for setting the ISO. They are sort of bracketed into high/ mid/ low and even though they aren’t essentially tag that way. If you change the shutter angle the ISO value does fluctuate.

Zebra Stripes & Clipping

In the Filmic Pro Android Review, Zebra Stripes & Clipping are one of the preferable features among others. Because zebra tool helps to exposure, it can overlay the image with colored stripes to depict areas of under /overexposure. Since the blue stripes indicate areas of underexposure, red stripes indicate areas of overexposure. In the clipping feature, the overlay of the clipping shows you areas of overexposure where your image gets clipped. It’s the areas that overexpose to the point where the information is not able to recover. It’s one of the very important tools when shooting on an Android because you can’t recover much information.

False Color

Because of showing you areas of over/under exposure, the false color is similar to zebras. So, it shows you the whole overview of the exposure of your image. It’s just like zebras, where the areas are blue, indicate underexposure, and areas of red indicate overexposure. It’s still a very useful thing because even though Filmic Pro doesn’t provide you a pointer graph to demonstrate you the correct IRE values of definite colors. Areas that are green/ grey/ pink typically reflect a good middle exposure sort for the key items in your scene if you are unknown with how false color works.

Focus Peaking

As it really helps you get accurate focus on your images and focus peaking is a very functional addition. Because you know, to get accurate focus is one of the difficult things to do on an Android phone. As a result, get a little box that you go around and then you can lock focus with is very helpful on Filmic Pro version 6. But, if the focus was perfect you never could quite see. So, getting focus peaking is now allowed you so that you can get perfect focus devoid of some of the estimation that was required in the past.

Recommendations for Shooting from Filmic Pro

Low Dynamic Range Shooting: Metering indirect ambient light next to an 18% reflectance old card is appropriate to maximize total dynamic range. This is available in a low dynamic range scene. It may require slight underexposure to protect highlights.

Medium Dynamic Range Shooting: At least a portion of the composition will need to be moderately underexposed, in a medium dynamic range scene.

High Dynamic Range Shooting: You can use a spot meter to determine if the total dynamic range of the environment exceeds 9-10 stops. And that comes with the high dynamic range scene.

Indoor Setting: Neutral density film will be required if windows or television screens are present. Turn down the brightness if a character is using an electronic device with a screen.

Outdoor Setting: A graduated neutral density filter may require compensating for the brightness of the sky for static scenes. Since applying the same methodologies to them you can when shooting indoors. You can evaluate artificial light sources and external windows.


This is Filmic Pro Android review and we get definitely the best video recording app on Android. Because it’s coming to your very close, it can replace your traditional cameras. Moreover, smartphones, such as the Google Pixel 2 and the new iPhone 8, and iPhone 10 have brilliant cameras built in and also better the lowlight piece. We’re using the Samsung S7 all the time as our B-Camera for the YouTube channel with Filmic Pro. It lets you make a new cinematic video using this version with the new features. So, we didn’t find anything cons in the app that we can highlight. Finally, there is no alternative to the app. And it’s in far high position because it’s attaining the highest users’ satisfaction.

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