Foodie Selfie Camera App for the Delicious Food Selfies

Foodie selfie camera app is great for food selfies and the developer is LINE Corporation. It focuses exclusively on offering the best filters for food pictures. Taking pictures of food is impressive that a lot of people love doing in the end. As that special design for food photography, it comes with more than 20 different filters. These include fish, barbecues, pasta, ice cream, and much more that relate to the foods. They all make your food look even tastier in the photos. Besides, the filters Foodie offers food photos with other options as well. There is the classic soft focus so that you can make your pictures fashionable on Instagram where are options to alternate the aspect ratio between a 1:1 and a 3:4.

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Moreover, it comes with the options of the device’s flash to better illuminate your food. Because it completely aims at food photography Foodie for food photos is a great camera app. So that it doesn’t let you use your device’s front camera as your pizza isn’t going to take a selfie, in the end. Also, it lets you live life according to your tastes. As a result, the Foodie selfie camera app is the essential companion if you’re the modern sociable foodie. So, discover a fun and fast way to spice up the just right memory of a perfect meal. If you want to download Foodie, the link is here.

Quick Notes of Foodie Selfie Camera App

  • The seller of the App: SNOW INC.
  • Size of the App: 53.8 MB
  • Category of the App: Photo & Video
  • Compatibility of the App: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod.
  • Languages: English, Arabic, Bengali, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, and many more.
  • Age Rating of the App: Rate 4+
  • Copyright of the App: © SNOW Inc
  • Price of the App: Free

Features of Foodie – The Food Selfie Camera App

As it’s said the Foodie selfie camera app is specially made for the food selfies, so it comes with some food-related features. So, let’s know what they come as the features of Foodie.

Live Filters: It comes with more than 30 professional quality live filters with the Foodie selfie camera app that are on various occasions. These include the Yum, Tropical, Positano, Picnic, Sweet, Fresh, Romantic, BBQ, Crispy, and Chewy filter series.
Guide Feature: There is easy and accurate smart guide feature so that you can take top-down photos of food. These allow taking the perfect atmosphere and mood when taking food photos from above.
Video Shooting: You can capture videos along with tasteful live filters. As a result, it lets shooting videos your dining adventures.

Edit Bland Scenes: It comes with the feature of editing the bland scenes to delectable masterpieces. So, the users can use various filters and thorough edits to give your photos everything from adorable charm to film camera warmth.
Timer: As it comes with a timer you can take your perfect picture of the special moments. As a result, it’s perfect for taking selfies you’ll cherish for life.
Mute option: You can on mute option when you need while taking selfies or photos of food in quiet restaurants.

Sharing Option: It lets you share your photos to social networks. So, you can share your photos on Facebook, Instagram, LINE, WeChat, KakaoTalk, VSCO, Weibo, and more!
Affiliate apps: You can try B612 and Snow for your other camera needs in addition to Foodie.

As a result, this fanatical selfie camera app is perfect for the foodies. You can use this one to take and edit photos of every attractive meal served on the table even if you’re not a real foodie or a restaurant reviewer.

Foodie Selfie Camera App for Professional food photos

It’s true. You would be fond of taking photos while going to take meals. No? That’s okay but possibly at least once in your life, you capture on camera that delicious chocolate lava cake you wanted all for you. A Smartphone is sufficient to take images of those sumptuous meals for foodies who are serious about tasting and reviewing every new recipe. Or the restaurant there is in town. Because you don’t want to be bothered so avoid to bring a bulky DSLR. But, the foodies still want something that will make the best food pictures. Although the most native phone cameras have filters, the results don’t accurately do justice to the real food served before you. What good thing is in this app the Foodie app lets you edit photos with tools for more professional looking images.

Besides, it allows food photography to the next level with the Foodie app. As all, you need to do just snap a shoot, and then post online after choosing a filter. Now, just wait for those hearts and thumbs up to come your way. As it’s said already that Foodie selfie camera app for food comes with more than 20 filters. Those are customized especially for taking photos of your meals you want to share and tempt your family and friends with. If we say frankly, this is one category that should favorite over those selfies. Honestly, we’d rather look at nice-looking food than those umm photos. Also, the app can incredibly transform any regular food photo into a beautiful image. This is because there’s a smart guide feature that teaches you how to capture your meal perfectly from a camera shot angle-based auto blurring effect.

Who Needs Foodies the Selfie Camera App?

The Foodie selfie camera app is perfect for those who wish to…

  • Take food photos with delicious looking.
  • Like to take stylish flat lays.
  • Using Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook to post a lot of food pictures
  • Like to pictures of every meal to keep for posterity.
  • Post on a blog or review site after taking pictures.

Other Features of the Foodie Selfie Camera App

The thing that you’ll love about the Foodie selfie camera app is the fact that food is in the top three most photogenic subjects. We’re sure that anyone and everyone with a Smartphone has taken a photo of their meal to send to social media, to their friends or family. Or, just to save so they can attempt that tasty recipe. As all food is not is camera-friendly but also not all food has been given its due justice to turn into photogenic.

Stylish Flat Lay Shots Made Easy

This is a common characteristic of many smart food pictures out there is that they’re taken from the above your head to offer a bird’s-eye view. Since it lets you know the moment the camera is positioned completely horizontally through color Foodie has the best angle feature that. Now, no more keep others at the table waiting while trying to take the same shot again and again because the angle isn’t right!

Customize Your Photos to Perfection

You’ll get so many additional features that’ll help you to create the perfect photos. Besides to the food filters that let you take delicious shots right from the get-go. Moreover, it comes with brightness control and torch so that you get a bright image. It also provides the advantage of features such as focus and an auto blurring effect that allows to intentionally defocusing the border of the photos.


You’re in luck because when you take a savory shot of a delicious dish, it’s only natural to want to show it off. We all have taken images of food while taking meals. But, you can deny it, okay, that’s fine. However, we know that you know that we know. If we got that out and in the open, then we recommend you add this app to the camera bag just for the sole use of how much you will use it. We’ll always share with our friends and family the sustenance we have. As the Foodie selfie camera app uses the share to our specific locations, we all can share our food snaps on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networking sites.

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