Frontback Top Selfie Camera App Captures Both Sides Story

Frontback is a top selfie camera app that can capture both sides of the image. It’s far more concerned coming with the touch-up tools. As you know the app uses the front and back cameras to create a single, two-photo showcase both what you’re seeing in front of you. And what more is it provides soulful expression on your face. This is because it’s essentially a double selfie of sorts so you can effortlessly share one. Also, to land the appropriate face for the occasion at hand using the usual social avenues once you’ve managed.

top selfie camera app

As a photo app, so you need not signup either for an account or Facebook login. So, signing up for an account should be optional because the point of this app is to take pictures. Since once that splash screen came up then we can’t tell you how well this app works. We saw that we had to either log in through Facebook or set up an account through email. That would be different if this app were primarily marketed as a social network dedicated to these double photos. But, it’s the focus that’s all on the camera. Also, it’s merely a feature while it’s ability to instantly share with your friends.

Quick Information About Frontback Top selfie camera app

  • Size: 158.5 MB
  • Seller: Social Apps BVBA
  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Languages: English, Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, and more.
  • Price: Free
  • Age Rating: Rated 4+
  • Copyright: © 2017 Frontback
  • Download Link: Frontback

Quick Features of the Frontback Top selfie camera app

Frontback Top selfie camera app is an iOS app and it gives its user the ability to use both backs facing and front cameras simultaneously. To create an interesting story of the seer and the object in front this app combines both images. As it’s very simple, you have to take a picture of a front object in the first frame and then your own picture in the second frame. But, you have to do nothing because the app automatically combines both frames. So, let’s know its features with a short description:

  • Capture both back view and front view at the same time.
  • Multiple share options on social networks, WhatsApp, public networks, and emails.
  • Allows searching and follow friends and others.
  • Add effects and frames to the pics from a varied gallery.
  • Caption pics.

Frontback Top selfie camera app for capturing both sides of the story

Frontback top selfie camera app is an addictive camera app for capturing both sides of your story. While looking out at a picturesque New York City skyline, it was a couple months ago Fred Della Faille was on a roof. As many of us would, but he wanted to capture the entire moment, he felt a sudden urge to take a photo with Instagram. But, it’s not just the view from the top of a random rooftop. To be part of the scene he was documenting he wanted his face, his reaction. Friends’ avatars scroll by, but none of them ever change when you flip through your Instagram feed. It’s never responding to the wonderful Bloody Mary its owner just consumed, a face floats idly.

When Della Faille posted two separate photos, that was one of his faces and another one is of the city skyline, then he tagged is as #frontback. His vision is hitting the App Store a few months and one hackathon later. As the app takes two photos at a time, so it’s the aptly named Frontback app. to help alleviate the pressures of having to pick the perfect photo to Instagram every time you go out a company he founded in part. There Della Faille’s day job is as CEO of Checkthis. He says, “It’s a kind of fake since you have to find that one beautiful moment.” You can post multiple photos, add some text, and then share it whereas on Checkthis. He also added, “The use case is super obvious since you don’t want to spam Instagram with ten images.”

Frontback Top selfie camera app Kind of like a Check-In with an Image

He captioned it as “It’s you. It’s a Moment. It’s Kind of like a Check-In with an Image.” Although longed for an unpretentious way to post casual everyday moments that didn’t disappear after ten seconds, Della Faille is an avid Snapchat user. The photos it produces, like Snapchats, feel honest and unproduced, while still letting you brag about what you’re up to which are the greatest virtue of the Frontback. Della Faille says “We give you an excuse to take a selfie,” so, a snapshot of a moment and the person who captured it while the final product feels authentic. As with Snapchat, the first screen you see is the capture interface when you tap on the Frontback app.

This is why it makes the app feel more like a fun utility which is a good thing other than “one more” social network to keep up with. Besides, Samsung has included it on a similar idea in the Galaxy S4 and named the “Dual Shot” mode. It’s that stamps a picture of your face on another picture. But, Frontback feels more natural like an addition to what people are already doing with apps like PicFrame and  Diptic. Neither every sunset deserves a well-filtered Instagram nor does every selfie deserve to be vaporized.

Publisher’s description of the Frontback top selfie camera app

Top selfie camera app Frontback is a photography app that gives its users the ability to use both front and back cameras concurrently. If you want to create an interesting Photo Story of the photographer and the object in front this app then combines both photos. You simply have to take a photo of the front object in the first frame and then your own photo in the second frame, which is very simple. The app creates an interesting photo collage which tells your story after automatically combining both frames. So, you can also call this as the best Selfie Camera App in the world. The biggest drawback is that we cannot include ourselves in that photo whenever we take photographs from our mobile phones.

During a weekend party, it can be a family photo during some family function or get-together or it can be a photo of friends. The most important person is missing ie.YOU in all these photos. To help you complete the missing part and give a meaning to all your photos so that they created this app. If you want to tell a story through photos, this app is a fun and interesting way. This is because the app you take photos of anything and shows your reaction to that thing at the same time. So, it not only creates a beautiful visual harmony but presents a complete story to the viewer as well. You need to register to use the app and share your photos on the app’s network once the Frontback top Camera app is downloaded.


It’s particularly interesting while the last-minute changing of the Frontback top selfie camera app plans. When announcing the closure of the app, Frontback CEO Frédéric Della Faille’s says “We realized that we couldn’t reach the critical numbers that would make Frontback a sustainable social network.” Della Faille also wouldn’t tell TNW who the new “partner” was with no hard details forthcoming about the new direction. Also, Della Faille said “We’re very happy we found a solution for our community. The new team will introduce themselves at the right time. Our priority was to respect our community and having the message out as soon as possible. Our team will help the new team during the transition.” Also, he confirmed that neither he nor co-founder Melvyn Hills will be involved with the company once the transition was complete.

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