Great 3 Best Selfie Camera Apps are Perfectly Here

Great 3 Best Selfie Camera Apps are Perfectly Here

The craze of the best selfie camera apps is not new, but its matter that most phones claim. In fact, there are few devices that can come to count while listing for the best selfie phones.  They’re not only providing best selfies but come with decent performance as well. However, there are few phones that are good looking along with your style quotient.

You know it becomes a trend and Smartphone photography has grown fast over the past few years. This is still can be more difficult to get a mobile phone with a decent selfie camera. Because you must keep pace with the recent trends, you obviously need a best selfie camera phone. And then your post in the social media can be great if you attach your personal photos.

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Descriptions of Top 4 Best Selfie Camera Apps in Best Selfie Phones

If you’re the perfectly best selfie camera apps, need not look further. You’ll find the best selfie phones along with Android version the fill your need for great selfies. Since selfie clicking is an indispensable part of today’s life. So, you can check out these selfie phones while you need amazing selfie in medium cost phones.

best selfie camera apps

Samsung Galaxy A5

This is another selfie shooting one from the company that offers great selfies. It comes with a 16 MP sensor of f/1.9 aperture, which is capturing amazing images even in low lighting. The front camera resolution is 1080 while recording videos. If you want a well-built phone with beautiful design, then you can take this one is yours. These are not only its features but the 5.2-inch display with Super AMOLED also great.

best selfie camera apps

Oppo F3 Plus

This is one of the best selfie camera phones from Oppo production house. It comes with a dual camera setting that’s 16 MP as well as 8 MP. Here 16 MP is the main selfie camera and another one is 8 MP with its wide field of view, which means for group selfies. It provides satisfactory performance with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 653 SoC processor. This is not only a selfie camera but its long battery life of 4000mAh also last for a day. Moreover, its rear camera is even better than the front one that made it the best selfie camera.

Beauty Functions

Vivo V5 Plus

This phone in Vivo series is another selfie centric great phone which comes with dual camera setup at its front. But, unlike the Oppo F3 Plus, this one uses its dual camera setup largely for a cool Bokeh mode. It offers a decent performance along with quite well built. The phone provides a really good display, which we consider is among the best in the category. The performance is decent as well. The rear camera is also good enough along with the battery life as well as the build quality is praiseworthy.


So, these are the best phones among the best selfie camera apps phones. These selfie phones are really outstanding while considering the medium costs. Not only these are the best but there are many more selfie mobile phones. They include Gionee A1, OnePlus 3T, HTC 10 along with many others.

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