Nice Performing Top 7 Best Chinese Smartphone Under $200

$200 is not a bad amount if you want to get best Chinese Smartphone along with nice performance. This is because Chinese manufacturers are not only dominating in the mobile phone market but come with all ranges mobile phones for all sort of people in the world. However, 2017 was a very amazing year for Smartphone markets. Especially, because of their high-end specifications as well as low cost of the mid-range sector is highly dominated by Chinese mobile companies. As a result, there are a lot of customers tend to purchase these phenomenal devices. Currently, they are actually offering more value to money than most of the Smartphone. But, we’ll talk about mid-range valued and the best Chinese Smartphone that’s available for two hundred dollars.

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Best Chinese Smartphone under $200 in 2018

So, in this article, we’ll highlight on the best Chinese smartphones that are available under 200$. This content will help you to determine which device is suitable for you at your next buy. Since there is no particular order in this array, all the smartphones are listed here are better than many other devices which were not worth mentioning. So, these all stand toe to toe with each other with each of them being better at some point or in some way which makes it very difficult to put a number on these phones.


As you know, Xiaomi has launched so many Smartphones from their production house. These smartphones, we must admit, are also worth for the price. Well, we’re talking about the under $200 Xiaomi has a huge list of the smartphone, including Note 4, Xiaomi 4X, Note 4X, 4A and so on. But, specifically, we’re talking about the best one Xiaomi Mi A1.  As we think, this is one of the best Smartphones under $200 so far. It comes with the 1920 x 1080 Pixel with Full HD quality along with the 5.5-inch display. Besides, Mi A1 inside has the Snapdragon 625 chipset with Octa-Core processor, which offers the 2.0GHz clock speed. Also, the Mi A1 has beaten the Antuntu benchmark score of the overpriced Smartphone. To run all the apps and Games available in the play store without any lagging the octa-core processor has enough power.

Moreover, 4GB RAM performs multitask very smooth where 32GB ROM stores all the personal data. However, if you need more space, you can expand with TF card up to 128GB. Also, The Mi A1 is featured with the 2.0MP + 12.0MP Dual rear cameras and 5.0MP front camera. As a result, it’s the best Chinese Smartphone for the best selfie camera as well. We must say that Dual Rear camera of Xiaomi offers a far better portrait picture from other in the same price range. The 3080mAh battery provides enough backup to run it for a long day.


Umidigi S2 is another best Chinese Smartphone you’ll get under $200 if you are looking for a bezel-less Smartphone. It comes with a wider screen of 6 inches with 18:9 aspect ratios. Although the S2’s display is 720 x 1440 pixels which are not that bad, it could be better. But, the bezel-less design it doesn’t matter that much because it’s running on the Helio P20 Octa-Core processor with 2.3GHz clock speed. It ensures the Smartphone to run seamlessly as well as perform the entire job without any lagging. Moreover, 4GB RAM can easily run any Game and App without any fluctuation. You can expand with TF card up to 256GB to keep your data space of 64GB of the internal space.

Besides, the S2 is featured with the 5.0MP front camera and 13.0MP + 5.0MP rear camera with AF and flashlight. Both the Front and Rear camera embedded with a lot of sensors and have features like face detection, Buty mode and many more. But, the best part of the S2 is its battery because the UMIDIGI S2 is running with the 5100mAh battery which provides the huge backup and let you run it for a long time. Moreover, it supports the Fast charging mode as well. So, UMIDIGI S2 is the best Chinese Smartphone under $200 budget if your board with the old Xiaomi Phone.

Vernee Mix 2 

As the Vernee is one of the most reputed smartphones manufactures from China, their Smartphones are also great for the mid-level budget people. As a result, this is another popular and best Chinese Smartphone to many users. Here, Vernee Mix 2 is for you if you like the design of the Xiaomi Mix but afraid to paid spend that much of amount. It’s definitely one of the best Bezel-less smartphones so far Under the $200. This is because the 6.0-inch display is almost bezel-less from all sides. Besides, the 2160 x 1080 Pixel display provides you the more clear and vibrant display quality. Also, it’s running on the MediaTek 657CD Octa-Core processor with 2.5GHz clock speed. Mix 2 will not disappoint you if you use a lot of Apps and Play Games on the Smartphone.

Moreover, the 6GB RAM massive RAM can easily run any Game you wish for and 64GB ROM can store all Videos, Photos, Document, other files and whatever you wish. It performs seamlessly due to the Octa-Core processor and 6GB RAM. Besides, the 8.0MP front camera and 13.0MP + 5.0MP Rear camera capture the best selfie of your life. The quality of the picture and video of the camera are very refined and smooth. The camera is characteristic with features, such as Beauty Mode, Face Detection, and Panorama Mode. But, it’s the best than many others when the 4200mAh battery empowers you enough backup to run it a whole day. Also, it supports the fast charging mode so that you don’t get late to your work. As a result, this is the best you can get if you’re looking for a Bezel-less Smartphone under $200 then.

Oukitel MIX 2 

Now, we’ll talk about another best Chinese Smartphone named Oukitel MIX 2. This is also the best selfie camera phone as it comes with 8 MP front camera and 16.0MP rear camera. The Oukitel MIX 2 offers the features, such as 5.99 inches display with 18:9 full-screens Smartphone where the display has the 2160 x 1080 pixel density which provides the Full HD Quality image and video. When it compares with Vernee Mix 2, Oukitel Mix 2 offers the 2.3 GHz of clock speed which quite similar and won’t affect much. But, Vernee Mix offers the 2.5 GHz. You can run and store as many apps and data as you wish. But, you won’t feel any lagging while doing multitasking. With the 64GB ROM and 6GB RAM. Also, you can expand the internal memory can be expanded up to 256GB.

Ulefone Mix

This is Ulefone Mix, which is another bezel-less, best Chinese Smartphone comes under $200 along with premium build quality. It’s the tri-bezel-less display, which means that it provides the attractive and impressive look to the Smartphone. Because of the 5.5-inch display, the Ulefone Mix is one of the handiest bezel-less smartphones so far. It also feels more compact and easy to handle with one hand. As the bezel-less display needs a protection this is why here you’re getting the Corning Gorilla Glass 3 on Screen.

Although the 1.5GHz of clock speed is less as compare to others smartphone in this budget, still, it can run all your needing apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, and even Games as well. To do these, you’ll get the 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM with the phone. Besides, it comes with 5 MP and 13 MP cameras respectively the front and rear ones. Also, the 3300 mAh battery is enough to run Mix for a complete day if it is fully charged.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X

As you know that Xiaomi comes with a large list of their Smartphone in Mid-range price, they are the best in some way. As a result, the Xiaomi Note 4X is another a nice and best Chinese Smartphone under $200. It offers two variants of 3GB RAM and 4GB RAM. Moreover, apart from the Memory both the phone have not any difference. This is coming with the 5.5-inch Full HD display, which is not bezel-less as others but offers great quality photos and videos. Besides, it runs on the Snapdragon 625 Octa-Core processor with 2.0GHz clock speed and it also has the Adreno 506 GPU unit for the enhance gaming performance along with better graphics quality.

Other features of the phones are such as, 64 GB internal memory, which is expandable up to 128 GB, 5.0MP of the front and 13 MP rear cameras also do their job decently. Besides, 4100mAh of the massive battery can keep this device running for up to 36-hours on 4G network.

Vernee Mars Pro 

It’s Vernee Mars Pro, which comes with the design and builds quality of this smartphone is way more ahead than any other smartphone under $200. This is because the phone is made of full metal body and 5.5-inch screen is protected with the Gorilla Glass and the display of Mars Pro has the 1920 x 1080 Pixel qualities. unlike other handsets, it is not located on the front or back, it is on the right side where the Lock and volume rocker buttons are placed, which is very interesting about the Mars is the finger Print sensor. Some other features of this phone are such as the Helio P25 Octa-Cores processor with 2.5GHz clock speed, 6GB of massive ram, 64GB ROM. Moreover, it comes with 3500mAh battery does support the fast charging, 13.0MP rear camera but it feels sorry that it has no front camera option.

So, these were about top 7 best Chinese Smartphone under $200 on our list for your best consideration. As these are more, not all are worthy of buying. Also, you must think all about them because you know about you, such as your budget etc. For example, you can buy Xiaomi Mi A1 if you’re looking for the best selfie camera phone in this list. But, the Oukitel Mix 2 and UmiDigi S2 is the best if you’re looking at the bezel-less design. So, this is up to you guys what your choices are. You must get your own decision what you need and what your demands are. So, take a great one and enjoy your life!

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