Pretty 4 Best Selfie Camera Apps are Right Here

Pretty 4 Best Selfie Camera Apps are Right Here

So many looks, so many best selfie camera apps are for your windows selfie camera. It’s more than pointing your window phone camera while snapping photos. Because many apps are available to spice up your photos, you need to highlight your mood and style. They also come to define your sneakiness and even your ambition level. They also offer many features where some are similar along with some different. But, most of them come with the best image quality while all functions working as you wish. So, there are a lot of Smartphones while the matters of the best selfie camera apps come.

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Top 4 Best Selfie Camera Apps for Windows Selfie Camera

The most important point is cameras on mobile devices that use for selfie purposes nowadays. There are a lot of excellent apps to help you make the most of it. Here are some best selfie camera apps for your Windows selfie camera. You can check out these free selfie apps that match your requirements what you need for your windows phone.

Lumia Selfie

It comes with the timer and the delay taking that amazing shot of you by 2, 5, or 10 seconds. This app has auto selfie and you can ease this feature to take great photos with the main camera of your phone. Because your phone will beep to help you get the camera in the right place, it automatically shoots your photo. Moreover, it comes with auto-enhancement features, which uses while making all photos you take are automatically better. Wow! Another great feature is filters that apply to get various special effects to your images.


Its photobooth helps to transform your images into photo booth along with taking between 1 and 6 photos at 1-20 seconds. You can reward with cool Polaroid-style photo series when you take photos. This app comes with text option that offers you to add fun messages to your photos. Its Cortana feature is great, which offers voice command while taking shots. So, if you open Cortana and say something like “4shots, take three pictures”, then it takes a trio of selfies instantly.


The app captures both sides, which means take a photo of what’s in front of you and then add it to the shot to complete your story. The photos’ upper half comes from your perspective, while the lower half shows you. Moreover, it comes with filter feature that offers you to select some simple filters or auto-enhancements before posting it online.


If you desire to take a secret shoot of a friend, then you need to use this app. So, pass the phone and while they’re looking at your screen, the app is busy secretly take selfies of them. This is completely different features whereas other apps have not with them mostly. So, this app allows you to act like a spy while using it for snapping selfies.

In addition, there are many similar windows phone selfie camera apps that come with a lot of features. These include B612, Voice Selfie etc. these all are free versions while their pro versions need to pay. However, pay versions include more features than free versions come with.

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