ProCamera App Review: The Best Selfie Camera App for iOS

ProCamera app review

Today we’re going to share the ProCamera app review, which is one of the best selfie editing apps. It’s not only the best selfie camera app but comes with great features as well. This selfie camera app does the job quickly, simply, and without fuss. With everyone from The New York Times to Apple, it heaping admires on the camera and video app ProCamera app review has been garnering rave for a while. Also, the hype appears largely justified on paper. Its 6X full resolution zoom, which is the first of the robust features sure to catch your eye. You can zoom in or out and snap a picture that’s at nearly the same quality as if you weren’t zoomed in at all Using screen swipes. Moreover, there are a rapid-shot mode, an adjustable shutter timer, and some other features.

Besides, the other special features of ProCamera app are the focus separately to one-tap color temperature control to an anti-shake mode, the ability to set and lock exposure, and the capability to shoot full HD video. Although there are a lot of apps out there pretending to hold the mobile photo throne, ProCamera could just be the rightful king. This is because it comes with using an intuitive interface, shooting features along with more pro options that you can expect from a reasonably priced app.

Quick Notes Before of Procamera App Review

  • Download Link: ProCamera
  • Operating System Requirements: iOS 4.2 or later
  • Works on: iPad, iPod or iPhone that are running iOS 4.2 or later
  • App Size: 98 MB
  • Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish and more.
  • Age Rating: Rated 4+
  • Copyright: © cocologics 2018
  • Price: $5.99

Key Features Before of Procamera App Review

  • 6X full resolution zoom
  • Full HD video capabilities
  • A wide range of photo filters
  • Focus, exposure, color temperature and stability controls
  • Photo editing tools that include contrast, brightness, and color saturation, adjusters

ProCamera App Review with the Features

So, let’s get started ProCamera app review with the features. ProCamera is, enormously expensive, by iPhone app standards, but that’s not saying much. It’s still not costing higher than a Starbucks grande pumpkin spice latte because it costs only $5.99. So, it shouldn’t fill up lower-storage iPhone models when it’s a reasonably sized download, at 89MB. If you compare with another app like Adobe Photoshop Express, you’ll see the Adobe Photoshop Express requires a $9.99 per month subscription for full functionality and weighs in at 130MB. Now, let’s get other features with ProCamera app review that you’re waiting for.

ProCamera App Review of the Interface

When you see ProCamera app review of the interface, it doesn’t differ from that of the stock iPhone Camera app. But, you’ll see that it focuses more on control over the shot than on extras like Panorama, Time Lapse, and Slo-Mo. Actually, you’ll need to stick with the default app if you’re looking for those. Moreover, the great things for shots in that the camera hasn’t set the exposure for what you want to show in the image is that ProCamera adds an Exposure Value (EV) slider across the bottom of the screen. It’s something that comes with DSLR camera, usually, if the subject has a bright background at the back it. You can see the actual EV value, at the top of the screen with a histogram.

It means that it tells you what amount of your shot is at the dark and bright ends of the tone scale. While tapping the screen lets you set the focus and exposure for your shot. This is somehow like the $2.99 Camera+ app, as in the default app. Also, it allows you to separate the two. As a result, you can have focused on one point and exposure tuned to another spot. You’ll get even cool Shutter Speed option, which is only ever seen on Windows Phone cameras. So, there is a small box that shows the speed of the current shutter. If you want to set it to whatever values are available, simply tap the box and you get a slider at the bottom. From the overflow menu adjacent to the Shutter button to get more of ProCamera’s shooting tools.

What’s More with the Interface

In addition, there is the F/E Lock choice that comes with the current focus as well as the exposure settings will stick. It means that while keeping the close object in focus you can lock the focus on a close object and then point the lens at a more distant scene. Also, before of snapping a photo, ProCamera’s Stabilization option waits for the phone to be still. Moreover, you’ll find a slider in its settings that lets you adjust before the shutter snaps how steady the camera has to be. But, you’ll get it’s working with a tripod greatly. This is better for handheld shooting as you can turn off the iPhone’s built-in stabilization. But, unfortunately, it doesn’t deliver as sharp an image as ProCamera’s stabilization.

Photographer Tool of the ProCamera App

If you know something about photography, then ProCamera will please you. Because of this, it offers the highest level of control that comes with Apple’s third-party apps. You may benefit from this app most of all when you’re a new iPhone 7 Plus user because it’s excellent dual f/1.8 cameras. This is nearly the same as another excellent photographer’s app named Camera+. It isn’t quite at the level of the other two while offering some nifty shooting tools. So, what the main difference is that ProCamera adds a useful low-light tool; however Camera+ is better for manual focus. Other than it’s a great choice for you if you want to control over the iPhone photography.

A competitor of ProCamera App

The closest competitor of ProCamera app is the much-lauded Camera+. It’s a pretty close race feature-for-feature. There’s no doubt about that the Camera+ has more style and it’s all round a better-looking app. However, everything is not set with the looks. Although Camera+ is cheaper by a couple of dollars, ProCamera is noticeably faster to use. Moreover, the thing that ProCamera does well is sorting out the camera mode from the settings mode and the edit mode. They are sensibly tucked out of sight because there are so many different settings and preferences. Besides, ProCamera offers is a decent grade of manual control as much as you get from an iPhone camera. Also, you have control of the exposure, focus, and, white balance. These are done with simple on-screen buttons, which is not available in the way when editing a shot.

The final world about the competitor of ProCamera is that it comes with some built-in special FX and they are split into four categories. It’s particularly helpful of the thumbnails of the image you’re working on. Moreover, there are a few preset FXs that are really appealed to me that much. Also, there is a decent choice on offer, but these all depend on your personal tastes.

Other ProCamera App Features

ProCamera app review is near the end of the post. Now, we’ll know about some other features of ProCamera app.

Framing a shot with ProCamera App

You can immediately start toying with the focus and exposure of each shot right on the main screen when you switch over to ProCamera’s Expert Mode. Also, you can determine and lock both settings at the same time while tapping and holding anywhere onscreen. You can drag the yellow circle anywhere onscreen to set the exposure if you want more control. At the bottom, there is Pro Settings menu icon of the camera screen comes with some smart placement options so that you can frame your shot.

Stabilizing photos with ProCamera App

ProCamera app review of the photo stabilization is a great feature. Because it’s a problem to hold a Smartphone perfectly steady while you click and it can be challenging sometimes. But, don’t worry, ProCamera have a few features to help you. There is an anti-shake button that automatically delays taking the image until your gyroscope of mobile functionality detects the device are stable.

Editing images with ProCamera App

From shooting to editing, the transition can be made by swiping your finger to the right after taking a photo. It shows your image you’ve just taken along with the editing studios icon. Also, while tapping the Pro icon to access your album and the app’s studios, you can access these editing features.

Cropping photos with ProCamera App

If you want to manually crop, rotate and resize your photo, there are tools that allow you to do so. Besides, there is a preset template that’s coming with aspect ratios from 1:1 to 9:16. Also, you’ll find a mirror so that you can flip the photo vertically or horizontally.


You get a plethora of features and intuitive UI in the ProCamera app review that comes with just $5.99. The editing capabilities are fairly lightweight and pretty difficult to use because the app offers strong photo settings on the cheap. And, what the app offers is nothing to sneer at that’s probably to be expected. This app is a gem even with less-than-pro editing features. It’s incredibly easy to tell what you’re adjusting or doing at any given moment along with the clear icons and an uncluttered UI. So, this is the best selfie camera app that offers a lot.

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