Review of the Best Selfie Camera of the Blackberry DTEK50

Best Selfie Camera

It looks like you’re looking for the best selfie camera phones of the Blackberry. But, it’s not an easy matter to find out the best Blackberry Smartphone along with the great selfie camera. Besides, there are not so many best selfie apps for Blackberry phones that you can use it. So, you may think what to do then. Don’t worry! We’re here with a review of the Blackberry DTEK50, which comes with the best selfie camera app to click an amazing selfie. Because this Smartphone is a well-made Android phone with set unique features, it offers a high-resolution camera as well. It’s that you can try on the Blackberry phone. As it lets you click selfies along with a picture of your meal, or a good off on Snapchat, your Smartphone’s the manner to do the things.

This best selfie camera phone of Blackberry acts as a window into your world for your family, friends, and followers. This is because you must use a high-grade camera means that window’s neat and clean. The engineering of the Blackberry DTEK50 not only delivers professional-looking pictures but lets you capture the perfect selfie with an 8 MP front-facing camera with flash. Moreover, it comes with a 13MP auto-focus rear camera, which is great for a video shoot. On the other hand, it offers a range of professional settings, such as manual controls and live color filters. But, its camera provides a great feature so that you can capture blur-free pictures, even in low light. So, let us describe what it takes with the Blackberry DTEK50 in short review.

Table of Content

  • Blackberry DTEK50 Camera Feature
  • Amazing Photo Quality
  • DTEK50’s Special Feature for Pictures
  • Compare the Blackberry DTEK50 Camera
  • Final Verdict

Blackberry DTEK50 Best Selfie Camera Feature

Although camera of the Blackberry is little low quality, it’s easy to use. It comes with a lot of quick features, such as flash, timer, aspect ratio, and HDR. Besides, it has a settings menu where you can the image quality of selfies and videos. On the other edge, you’ll get the shutter button that toggles between three different modes. The mode is as the camera, video, and panorama where the flip between the rear and front-facing cameras.

You’ll get a filter feature so that you can add peculiar effects to your image before you even take it. These include the obligatory and somewhat pointless inverse, white and black as well as sepia effects. In addition, its autofocus clicks on the subject into focus. As a result, photos generally take with little delay after tapping the shutter button. Moreover, the volume buttons on the right edge allow taking a picture when you’re holding the DTEK50 with your left hand.

Amazing Photo Quality

Blackberry DTEK50’s front and rear cameras combine a range of professional-level technologies. So, you can make your photos look absolutely fantastic. As you know, it comes with an 8 MP front camera sports a fixed-focus lens along with an 84-degree field of view. It also offers automatic image and video stabilization as well as a specialized selfie flash. Besides, its 18-megapixel rear camera is certified by Schneider-Kreuznach, which has a dual-tone LED Flash and optical image stabilization (OIS). Moreover, it comes with phase detection autofocus (PDAF), f/2.2 aperture, and 6P lens camera with f/2.8 aperture and 1.7-micron pixel size. Although there is no manual camera more, it has different styles built-in.

If we come to the image quality, it’s great for the daylight shots. As it has simple UI, it toggles for flash, front camera, timer, different modes (slow-mo video, video, photo, and panorama), HDR and option lets you choose aspect ratio what 16:9, 4:3 and 1:1 are. Also, its Macro shots are good and the focus is quick, as a result, thanks to PDAF. Low-light shots have noise somehow as usual, but the image quality is great. The dual-tone flash helps to bring natural tone and is not overpowering because the images with flash are amazing.

DTEK50’s Special Feature for Pictures

DTEK50 not only comes with the best selfie camera but it offers a special feature. And what the feature is it keeps your pictures private. This is because family pictures can be lost by malware and other ways. Also, if your data doesn’t automatically encrypt, as is the case on many popular Smartphone, it’s accessible. So, it could be shared online with possible damaging consequences as well. Although it’s scary, this does also occur on other phones. Blackberry DTEK50 protects your privacy and reputation along with storing all data on your BlackBerry device with automatic encryption by default. So, even if a thief gets access to your phone they can’t access your personal files and other data on it. This is because your phone is more than just a tool for keeping in touch.

It provides those close to you with a window into your world through its cameras. Although it doesn’t have slow motion recording it can record videos 1080p full HD resolution at 50 fps and with EIS at 1080p 30 fps. And the Video is decent with good details as well as the Audio is crisp. It also lets you add icon packs along with the multitasking menu similar to the BlackBerry 10 because it runs on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow version.

Compare the Blackberry DTEK50 Camera

Around the front of the DTEK50, you have an 8 MP camera which is absolutely fine for video chats. It’s the odd selfie, although it’s not as strong as most rival front-facers. However, the detail levels are weak in comparison to the Galaxy S6 and Xperia Z5’s selfie shots, but thanks to the lower megapixel rating. Besides, you also keep in mind the price variations with those phones. But, the wide angle shots mean you can take a lot of your besties for the snap-in group.

Final Verdict

The DTEK50 is the best selfie camera phone of all sorts. But, it’s only one thing that must consider its authority and that’s its high price. This is huge to pay when it isn’t pretty the entire package you’d expect from a high-quality Smartphone. But, that’s not to say the DTEK50 doesn’t make its stripes in other areas of Smartphone. For example, it’s a great camera and it’s an excellent display. And its conclusion to add Android on top of a physical keyboard will no hesitation be a lot draw for previous BlackBerry users who have been sidelined by a need of respectable apps.

But, regardless of all the glitches, its selfie camera is great. As a Blackberry DTEK50 user, you’ll agree with us that it offers the best selfie camera phone along with the sparkling display. Also thanks to the photos that we have tested, which were detail and crisp at the time they’re viewed. In the large display of the phone, we’re cropping up very few blurry photos in the virtual album. Moreover, they look like the real color and clear contrast and finally, thanks to the very strong built-in HDR. So, the decision depends on you what you have to do. If you want a stylish and great selfie camera phone, you must get it. Otherwise, if you expect something like iPhone X, it’s not for you.

Finally, this is not like the BlackBerry savior any more than the Priv was. It enters a tight, saturated market that consists of more than a few mid-range devices vying for hard-earned dollars, like its larger Android-based sibling. It’s not only the best selfie camera phone but it’s a good bet the phone can last a while.

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