Snow Camera App for Selfie, Video Call & Motion Stickers

Snow camera app offers great selfie, video call, a lot of filters and motions stickers. Not only these but it’s a photo editing app as well. As it’s a selfie camera app, it lets you add some fun to your selfies with a collection of more than 100 animated stickers. You can easily share your photos with all your friends in a way that’s similar to Snapchat once you’re done. These are why it’s easy to take the perfect selfie since you can see the effect of every sticker before taking the photo. In addition to stickers, once you take the photo, you can add drawings or text in the color of your choice.

Snow camera app

Besides, you can share it directly from the app after taking your photo and applied all the changes you want. To share it through other social networks, such as Twitter or Facebook, you can also turn your creation into a short video. Moreover, the Selfie Motion Sticker is an excellent photo-editing app that gives great results. Even if it works almost exactly as Snapchat, you can always just ignore the social element and use it for its quality editing capabilities in its place.

Table of Content

  • Quick Notes of the Snow Camera App
  • What is the New of Snow Camera App Features?
  • Features of the Snow Camera App
  • Snow Camera App for Fun camera & Video call
  • Get Set with Snow Camera App on iPhone or Android
  • Use the Snow Camera App
  • Send a Snap/Video
  • Chat & Share a Snap/Video
  • Get Next-Level Selfies
  • Final Thought of Snow Camera App

Quick Notes of the Snow Camera App

  • Minimum software requirements: iOS 7.0 or later & Android 4.1 and up
  • Devices: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android
  • Pricing structure: Free
  • App Size: 93.10 MB
  • Publisher: CampMobile Inc.

What is the New of Snow Camera App Features?

The new version of Snow camera app is introducing a new look of SNOW along with easy to use the chat, video call as well as story features. Let’s what other new features are:

  • As a new attraction, you can enjoy fun video calls with your close friends on SNOW!
  • This latest version comes with 10+ new scenic filters added! (Everyday, Picnic, Cool Summer and more)
  • It’s easy to swipe to change beauty filters on the camera screen.
  • And performance enhancements as well as the bug fixes.

Features of the Snow Camera App

Snow camera app comes with a lot of selfie filters, which are more than Snapchat. This is a Korean Snapchat clone app that launched in Asia last September as the Verge reports. It’s not hard to see why apart from the app’s icon (a blue … levitating turd), not much is different. The app lets you take and send selfies that last a predetermined amount of time. And post those in the form of a story, which you can choose keeping live for 72 hours instead of 24 or just for specific friends see them. Moreover, it has a “self-destruct mode,” which looks like the Mystery Flavor of selfies. As you never know what you’re gonna get.

Besides, you can add and edit text to your photo, and then doodle on and filter it. Also, there’s an additional Boomerang-type GIF feature alongside the static picture one that allows creating videos as well. The regular filters are ‘gram-ish and regular. But, the special ones are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before and that is entirely special.

Snow Camera App for Fun camera & Video call

This snow camera app is not only a selfie camera app but a video calling app as well. It’s used by 100 million people around the world where you can send funny stickers to your friends in video calls. It allows taking fun video with live face effects and sends it to friends. Also, you can send a video note right away while chatting and invite friends to a group chat. The video you’re adding to a story with your friends, they’ll be able to see them only once.

Get Set with Snow Camera App on iPhone or Android

As you know that snow camera app comes free of cost, so you can download it from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store for your iPhone/ Android phone. When you open Snow for the first time on your Smartphone, the app will ask you to log in via Facebook or Line. Or, there is an option to sign up for your email account. The app will ask you to set up your username and enter your phone number after you are signed in.

The app will search your contact list for friends when it’s done that might be using snow. In that case, the app will show you a very cool video showing off the app’s skills. But, you can just tap “Start” to skip it and go to the app.

Use the Snow App

The first thing you will notice is the app’s UI The moment the app opens up that’s almost similar to Snapchat with some minor changes. As it’s similar to Snapchat, the app opens up with the camera. Also, It features stories & snaps, which are accessible with a swipe to the left or right. What the only major difference is in the UI that the settings page on snow is available from the chats page. It’s that an innovation!

Send a Snap/Video

You can just tap on the capture button to take a snap or press & hold it to capture video that’s same as Snapchat. Here, you can even add filters and check out cool, funny lenses. But, what the good thing is snow camera app features a ton of original lenses that lenses similar to Snapchat, such as the dog lens or the face swap lens. Furthermore, you can apply on the picture along with the ability to add text, emojis, and doodle on a photo since the app also features various data filters that. Besides, snow app also features a cool GIF mode that’s great considering GIFs are the trend these days on various social media, including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter etc.

Chat & Share a Snap/Video

Snow camera app comes with pretty messaging features as it’s in Snapchat. It lets you send texts, video notes, snaps, stickers but you cannot send pictures from the Gallery. Besides, snow camera app allows sharing your photos and videos with your friends. Or, you can add your story to it but what the good news is that the app even lets you share snaps to social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. As it’s said already the added snaps added to “My Story” are available for 48 hours. It’s more when compare with Snapchat because it avails for 24 hours there. Moreover, you also can add videos to “LIVE”, which makes them available for 24 hours, but they disappear from the feed with no history.

Get Next-Level Selfies

If you want the next-level selfies from snow camera app, you can get it from it easily. This is because of snow’s best feature, on a purely shallow level that is its filters. Certainly, the fleeting nature of photos encourages a truer, more genuine documentation of life in concurrent than moments cautiously curated on Instagram. Although girl, look how good in that lens of the flower crown! One thing that must say again that it’s filled with filters putting a Pomeranian on your head; make them look like an anime character. Snow’s filters are like an all-you-can-eat buffet with no time limit if Snapchat filters are like a three-course meal on your lunch break. So, you can take your leftovers home.

Final Thought of Snow App

Snow camera app is a fantastic selection of photo filters along with fun features beat those of other similar apps. Although it’s a fantastic selection of photo filters and fun features surpass those of other similar apps. But, the default settings wouldn’t be great for teens. Since this Korean-based app comes with more selfie features along with similar options of Snapchat, such as self-destructing messages. But, since teens can connect via Facebook or Line accounts, that may change very fast. What the biggest concern for teens is the default setting is to receive messages from everybody using the app instead of just friends. Besides, it adds friends from any linked accounts by default. It means that the app automatically adds Facebook “friends” whom kids are also don’t know well that those people are using snow app.

So, Snow camera app is available for everyone now and it’s a great app as well. Obviously, as the most Westerners will not have a large group of friends on the app network, as a way to take new and interesting selfies. It’s quite good and worth a download anyhow. However, it quite possible that Snow will be the preferred video chat app in Asia. As a result, it’s worth getting to know and keeping an eye on this app too.

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