Sweet Selfie Camera – Best Selfie Camera App for Android

Sweet Selfie Camera – Best Selfie Camera App for Android

The best selfie camera app for Android is sweet selfie camera that’s great while using to apply Live Camera effects. If you go anywhere with the sweet selfie, then you can take wonderful selfies with your friends and family. It comes with fully featured along with completely free selfie camera app, which is best for others. the app contains several professional editing tools that help to create amazing images. This HD camera brings most features of camera phone along with style, color, and layout. The HD options something different for you so that you can feel the highlight of professional HD camera.

Sweet Selfie Camera Features the Best Selfie Camera App for Android

It has some functions just like camera mobile 7 that makes it more perfect for the expert selfie camera. You can add contrast, brightness, rotate and reflect your selfies while editing with this app. We’re going to know more about it so that you can understand its importance for your selfies.

Use Filters for Selfies


You can get a huge range of filters while using this app’s filter option. The filters of this camera can make your skin beautiful if you need. Its filters show you real-time while you take a selfie so that you look and feel beautiful.

Make Your Image Beautiful

best selfie camera app for Android

It’s not only the filter camera with selfie tools but there are some extra tools to edit for the perfect selfie. You can use these beauty functions what comes with it, such as slimming, blush, whitening, mascara, eyeliner etc. You can use makeup while editing your selfie that makes it beautiful. The camera is more than an app while you can use it to beautify your selfie.

Silent Camera

It offers you to take silent selfies along with snapshots, or photography anywhere you go. You can use its silent mode can for any occasion. Don’t get embarrassed to take a selfie if your camera is silent.

Beauty Filter Functions: It’s more than a selfie camera whereas additional image editing tools if you need a perfect selfie. The option comes with slimming, eyeliner, whitening, lipstick etc. You can edit or use make-up stickers so that your photos get beautiful.

Smart College

You can take multiple images while making a college choosing from different styles and grids. Moreover, its real-time collage mode comes with taking selfies and you can make a photo booth with filters. So, get continue with it and Have fun taking selfies with your friends!


Yes! It’s significantly suitable for those who are fond of stickers for every occasion, trend, and season. You can use the best selfie camera app for Android along with a huge collection of stickers that comes completely free of cost. The stickers are not only coming and staying forever but getting an update with new stickers now and then. You’ll find a lot of cute stickers, which are suitable for your photography and selfie. Each sticker is easy to resize along with move using multi-touch!

Moreover, best selfie camera app for Android is sweet selfie camera that comes with many more features. For example, it offers 3 modes, panorama, recorder and video, countdown timer, balance settings and much more.

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