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sweet selfie app

If you want to show your amazing selfies to the world, simply use this sweet selfie app of the sweet selfie camera right now. This is a pretty selfie master because it comes with perfect filter app for you. As it’s a beautify cam, it’s the best choice for selfies with. This is because it offers snappy fun stickers, 10+ free live filters, professional selfie editor along with stylish photo collage. The sweet selfie camera not only gives you the perfect facial contour and smooth skin but brightens your eyes and whitens your teeth along with the small V-line face.

There is everything that this sweet selfie app does do. Moreover, it has so many special image effects as well. If you want to use this nice selfie camera app, you’ll get it free of cost. As a result, these all great features are coming without spending a penny. Using this free sweet selfie camera app, you can edit your photo at the way how you want to look like. In case if you wish to download the app, get the link here.

Table of Content

  • Features of the Sweet Selfie App of the Sweet Selfie Camera
  • Get some Sweet Selfies
  • Photo Collage& Grid
  • GIF Maker
  • HD Fun Cam
  • Photo Edit Pro
  • Kawaii Face Stickers
  • Stylish Photo Filters
  • Some Other Sweet Selfie Camera Features
  • Conclusion

Features of the Sweet Selfie App of the Sweet Selfie Camera

As the sweet selfie app comes with some functions just like the latest HD camera mobile that makes it wonderful for the professional selfie camera. You can add contrast, brightness, rotate and reflect your selfies while editing with this app. We’re going to know more about it so that you can understand its importance for your selfies.

Get some Sweet Selfies

It offers you beautiful and sweet selfies even it can make you a goddess in 1 step with default instabeauty effects.
You can make your photo charming before the click because the camera has effects of the real-time skin beautifying. Besides, you can edit your photo with big eyes, slim nose, charming lips, and small face and teeth whitening with the smart along with natural beautifying function. As it has an easy user interface, you can simply apply all the nice effects of beautifying on your selfies. Also, there are face filters of this selfie camera so that you can take heart selfies with your bestie anywhere and anytime.

Photo Collage & Grid

It comes with Creative Photo Collage so that you can take multiple images while making a collage choosing from different styles and grids. Moreover, its real-time collage mode comes with taking selfies and you can make a photo booth with filters. So, get continue with it and Have fun taking selfies with your friends. Besides, the best selfie camera app is great for photo frames, creative photo collage, layouts and photo grid. This is why it’s a great selfie camera app that offers image cut, free drawing, grid line crop, image rotate, and 360-degree views from any point. And the most attractive thing in this feature is that it has all photo editor effects in this selfie camera.

GIF Maker

Sweet selfie app of the Sweet Selfie Camera offers GIF maker and it can help you to make animated GIFs. You can do it when you capture the funny moments of your family or friends. So, make some GIFs with the videos and then share it with them. This GIF Maker must be your daily source for funny gifs as well as the funny animated images!

HD Fun Cam

Sweet selfie app of Sweet selfie camera comes with interesting dynamic selfie stickers for photos. This is why you can express your creativity and make your social media account stand out with unique photo effect.

Photo Edit Pro

This is the beauty plus selfie camera that offers Quick-fix (contour), whiten skin, brighten & remove acne, etc. Moreover, the photo editor includes Set tint, contrast, saturation, exposure, highlight, and shadow. Also, it has image blur, vignette, crop, color balance and rotates.

Kawaii Face Stickers

You’ll get 400+ funny stickers where you’ll get Animal Stickers, Smart Stickers, Motion Stickers, Emoji Faces Stickers, Music Stickers, Photo Animation Stickers, etc. It’s not a matter how old you are or what your style is, you change them all if you want.

Stylish Photo Filters

Sweet selfie app of the Sweet Selfie Camera has a great use of the art filters and kawaii photo effects where you’ll get 100 live image filters that are designed specifically for selfies. Also, there are free snap selfie filters along with cartoon photo effects. You can change them with personality to excitement up your selfie. Its photo filters customized for taking food pictures if you’re a foodie.

Some Other Sweet Selfie Camera Features

We have found so many features already which are stated above. But, these were not all at all because it offers many more features. Let’s know what they are below:

  • It has the option to adjust the brightness, which means that you can take bright photos even in the darkest.
  • When you use it, you’ll get favorite filter mark and just make a tap plus hold the filter wherever you like to apply it.
  • It has Beautiful watermarks so that you can remove it if you want.
  • This is because of its video effects you can apply stylish themes, stickers, filters, and music. These make your photos as well as videos into a movie masterwork easily.
  • It comes with Timer feature so that you can get better prepared. As a result, this Timer mode enables you to adjust the best pose so as to take selfies photos anytime without others help!


The Sweet selfie app of the Sweet Selfie Camera is just a beautiful and amazingly best Selfie Camera app with unlimited features. Besides, these all features are entirely free of cost. As a result, this app gets its position into the millions of users of the Android devices. This is because it’s a combination of available all features for photo editing. Moreover, the app comes with video editing options as well as GIF making a feature. So, why it must not be the Selfie leader over all other selfie camera apps? As it helps you click a selfie and let you decorate it with a preview so that you can see what you’re doing. This is why you can say goodbye your search for the best photo effects as well as live camera filtering apps. So, keep enjoying sweet selfie app of the Sweet Selfie Camera!

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