Top 5 Best Selfie Camera Apps for Windows Phones

Top 5 Best Selfie Camera Apps for Windows Phones

Best Selfie camera apps get a strange trend while using social media and the web in mobile phones. This time, selfies taking along with sharing in the social media becomes a great trend while it’s the part current lifestyle. If you’re a person who loves taking selfies in a Windows phone, then get the best selfie camera apps. It’ll enhance your selfie experience while allowing sharing them on the social media platforms. From suggesting poses and beautifying your face to get a shot every day, these apps help to take the perfect images. These apps are unarguably the best along with most popular selfie app for your iOS, which is rightly so. Also, they come with many attractive features that let you take the selfies with perfection.

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What are the Best Selfie Camera Apps for Windows Phones?

Let’s check out the list of best selfie camera apps for Windows Phones so that you can pick you to prefer the most. Here are top 5 apps for your windows phones that consider as the best apps.

1. Lumia Selfie

If you’re an owner of a Lumia Smartphone, then you should be well aware of this app. it comes with the Lumia windows phones as preloaded. Because the app is previous Nokia Glam Me’s latest version, it lets you get the best selfies along with several editing features. It comes with filters and what need must are the sharing features of social media. The app is accessible for free on the Windows Phone Store but its exclusively available to Lumia devices. Through the app, you can remove blemishes, change hairstyles, and apply make-up and much more.

2. Create A Perfect Selfie

The app is able creating a perfect selfie while stating with its name. So, Create A Perfect Selfie app suggests a great app whether you want your windows phone as a perfect selfie taker. You might not fond of the app but you should certainly check it out. It’s one of the top-rated apps on the Windows Phone Store and even though it’s paid, it’s worth the small amount. Yes, it claims it can give you a model-like look.

3. PicMix

It comes on Microsoft’s platform, which is another great photo editing and selfie app. This app offers itself as a mobile social image sharing app. it lets you get selfies along with some cool editing features. It also lets you use to add captions, fancy frames, photo effects and many more. Moreover, PicMix comes with fun social features and contests that make the experience of using the app fun.

4. Headshot

This is one of the best selfie camera apps while ensuring you take amazing selfies with your camera. it’s the best app solution whether you want to take high-resolution selfies with your rear snapper. The app utilizes face detection to tell you which way to move yourself or the camera while taking a selfie with your rear camera. Moreover, the app comes with a multiple face mode, when there are more than one people in the viewfinder. The app also takes an image, when it finds you are in the right place.

5. Intellicam

Because of its name, it suggests quite an intelligent app. It provides the option of face and speech recognition while taking selfies. The app lets you take control of the camera through voice commands. It comes integrated with Windows Phone, which is built in camera interface. It has an option that lets you take multiple photos, but you need not touch your phone. But, these all come for free on the Apple App Store and there are in-app purchases for various styles.

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