Top & Best Selfie Camera App Candy Camera for Blackberry

You can capture your precious moments with Candy Camera for Blackberry easily. It will provide you with elegance without the hassle of applying filters afterward! This is another best selfie camera app that comes with beautifying filters and silent mode. So, you can take your amazing selfies anytime and anywhere. It would make you surprised that more than 7 million people are taking selfies with Candy Camera for Blackberry, which is a huge amount! You need not ask your buddy to edit your images because everything is easy and quick with this selfie camera app! Besides, this is the best selfie editing apps offer to add text directly on top of the images with beautiful fonts. Moreover, there is a huge availability of the free stickers, fonts, borders, and layouts.

Candy Camera for Blackberry

JP Brothers, which is a Korean company, the developer of Candy Camera for Blackberry. As usual, Candy Camera comes with lens flares, stickers, frames, decorations. It also offers all the bells and whistles that will provide the Asian taste to love so much. If you invite friends you can only get access to the stickers. But, you can invite a matter of sharing to any sharing app on your device. As long as my case, when I used the barcode scanner app, it provides me instant access to tons and tons of stickers. So, you also will like stuff to use in your photos.

Features of Candy Camera for Blackberry

  • Candy Camera for Blackberry comes with a numerous Filters for Selfies
  • Offering High-quality shooting
  • Enhancing photos with beauty functions
  • Silent camera mode
  • Added Stickers
  • Multiple photos with collage feature
  • What’s New with Candy Camera for Blackberry
  • Candy Camera for Blackberry comes with Settings and UI altered
  • Improvement of Collage sticker UX & new grids
  • Material design applied
  • Fixed the bugs of black screen bugs, Collage bugs, and photo rotation bugs
  • Sticker Store Release with Christmas theme & stickers
  • New filters added
  • Skin Smoothing Mode
  • One-touch sticker rotation and resizing
  • Supports UHD 4K high-quality image shooting
  • Lightning engine with 300% more performance

Quick Notes of Candy Camera for Blackberry

  • Download Link: Candy Camera for Blackberry
  • Price: Free, but upgrade costs $7.99
  • Last Updated: June 12, 2018
  • APK Size: Varies with the device
  • App Developer: JP Brothers, Inc.
  • Category: Free Photography App
  • Content Rating: Everyone
  • Support Android Version: Android 15 and above

Features Review of Candy Camera for Blackberry

Candy Camera for Blackberry is the best selfie camera app that let you take amazing selfies using your Blackberry phone. It doesn’t matter how functional your device is. Producing the best out of your front facing camera and the app can optimize the filters and beauty. You could take beautiful selfies anywhere anytime with the app. It doesn’t require a secondary image editing tool to go for. Even before taking selfies the app can do the task. It looks like never before because thousands of filters and effects empower your selfies. Moreover, the diverse assortment of filters specially built for the selfies consists of inside. Also, this selfie camera app has everything that you want, such as, a mute mode, tons of filters, automatic saving of the original photo, filter stacking, live preview, Geo-tagging, everything up and down and a lot of adjustments.

On the other hand, it has each and every feature of the normal selfie camera app has. You can take selfies in the calm conditions using the silent camera feature. But, it turns on the silent mode when you turn off the camera sound and it remains untouched obythe device sounds. You have to swipe between the screens if you want to change between filters. But, you could be bored while swiping repeatedly with hundreds of filters. And without going for a second swipe you will get a live preview on your phone screen. So, swipe right or left and when you found the right one for you, it’s the time to take the shot. It will provide a good selfie for you and you can show off your selfies to your friends.

Simply Swipe and You’re done!

Candy Camera for Blackberry gives you the option to make your job done with simple swipes. Although it’s a bit confusing at first, you’ll get a very short tutorial after opening the app for the first time. Making that perfect shot a lot quicker than tapping around when you get the hang of the swiping motions. But, a couple of swiped too many can cause the masterpiece you’re editing for the last five minutes can go forever. Candy Camera is one of the best selfie camera apps that can provide you the best selfie as well. So, it’s not only a very complete application but it can absolutely replace your serial camera app. You can choose from a large number of different filters to give you photos a better look. This is because it has many more options than basically taking photos.

Besides, you can find different effects and frames that you can apply in all the photos you make. Moreover, you can also modify and make collages the way in which images are captured. It’s best to try Candy Camera on your cell phone when you like how it sounds to do practically anything with your camera. Also, it’s really free to download Candy Camera for Blackberry and simple as well.

Why Candy Camera for Blackberry?

The main appeal of Candy Camera for habitual users is that the selfie camera app takes real-time photos. But, it could not be a strong appeal for you. It’s good for editing your selfie and other images. But, why candy camera is special instead of others, it’s a big question. The best reason is its better filters that allow you to choose a filter before taking a picture. But, it also makes your pictures great after taking them. Although there is a free version, you can purchase an upgrade for $7.99 as a camera app. Because of this upgrade provides you to have more stickers and editing capacity. You can select your photo size while using Candy Camera for Blackberry if you like. So, it lets you set up your photo size along with layout before taking a photo.

Besides, choosing between 3, 5, 10 and 15 seconds as a countdown option, you can set up a timer to snap your picture. It gives you an option to create this kind of layered effect when you upload a picture. Moreover, you like the way it fuzzed the outside edges of the photos. Also, it allows to the side and chooses the positioning of the fuzzy edges that’s a kind of move the main picture from the side. You can adjust brightness, saturation, contrast, etc and it comes with the options of whitening, rotates and crop.

Summary of Candy Camera for Blackberry

  • You can edit your photo along with cut and paste and several beauty edits
  • though the filter labels are hard to read, you’ll get around 30 filters
  • You can set a short timer
  • Shoot a short video
  • You can choose your photo size, including choosing several multi-photo format options

Final Thoughts

This Candy Camera for Blackberry is still my current favorite app instead of both Tweens swear by this app. It’s no more far away from your fingers while taking beautiful selfies. The Candy camera app is the power pack that has everything you want to take amazing selfies and images. So, in your next play store visit give it a try. Let us know if the most helpful to you commenting on the below comment section. Also, let us know if we have left something in this post.

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