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Windows camera app

It’s Camera360 Sight, which is a great Windows camera app along with a lot of exciting features. It could make you feel like a Pro because it’s similar to OneShot that comes with so many features in this app. You’ll find there is a range of the filters, special effects, different camera modes, social sharing option, in-app photo editor and many more. This is a must Windows camera app that you should carry in with you. Besides, Camera360 Sight is one of the best camera apps for Windows Phone 8 devices, according to the New York Times. It also said that the camera is a seamless digital extension of your eyes. As a result, this is the best and newest Windows camera app that let you shoot, edit, and manage your photos.

The developer of Camera360 Sight has released an update just when you thought the holidays were over and gift wrapped for all fans of the camera work app. The camera not only camera has updated but there are so many features are updated as well. So, if you’re interested to get this Windows camera app, we’re providing the download link here.

Table of Content

  1. Features of Windows Camera App Camera360 Sight
  2. Advanced Version of Windows camera app Camera360 Sight
  3. New HDR Filters with the Latest Camera360 Sight
  4. Interface and Features of Camera360 Sight
  5. Points of Focus on Camera360 Sight Windows camera app
  6. We have a winner
  7. Conclusion

Features of Windows Camera App Camera360 Sight

Windows camera app comes with a lot of features as we have learned it already. But, before we proceed, we’ll see what comes as the updated of this great camera app.

Advanced Version of Windows camera app Camera360 Sight

When it comes with its advanced version 1.0.1, it makes a great impact on the market. Now, let us describe what it takes with the new version:

  • The Camera360 Sight added tutorials so that simply tap menu and enter “Tutorial” to learn about finger operations (gesture support).
  • It has launched its official website, and you’ll find it when you go to “Settings” >> “About” and then tap the app icon. Or, you can directly go to to check it out!
  • Coming with the solved black screen issue while editing photos.
  • It has updated with improved stability and bugs Fixing.
  • To browse more photos optimized icons “. -.” slide upwards
  • On the store be sure to look out for the update today and let us know how you get the changes complete above.
  • As it’s free to download Camera360 Sight, you can do it with some simple efforts.

New HDR Filters with the Latest Camera360 Sight

Latest Camera360 Sight update brings a new HDR filter that offers more details photos. This is because this latest release version 1.0.2 comes with Camera360 Sight. Now, let’s see what highlights are coming with it:

  • It comes with an auto flash mode that’s great for simple and professional photography.
  • There are new 7 HDR filters where the filters allow for more 3D and realistic scenes.
  • It offers an Optimized process of entering the album.
  • You’ll get Optimized animation for deleting photos in the album.
  • Some optimized buttons for capturing and timed capture.
  • Coming with improved stability and Fixed bugs.

Interface and Features of Camera360 Sight

Although this Windows camera app, Camera360 Sight is, in fact, the enhanced Camera360 Pro Beta, not including the Beta tags. In December, the re-named app formally launched. The app has been updated several times with features, such as HDR, improved picture quality, more filters, and more since then. In compare with the camera360 Sight loads slightly faster than Lumia Camera that’s a great thing to say. Also, it comes with the simple interface. You’ll be able to set its shutter time to 3 to 5 seconds, or you can tap the microphone icon if you want to use your voice.  You will hear the familiar Cortana sound while focusing and tapping on the main icon so that you can make a group photo or selfie. This is because the app automatically snaps a photo.

On the other hand, you can also switch between front and rear camera from the main window and use filters. You can see in real time how the photo will look like because it includes nine real-time filters. As the app description says it as “Incredible Focus System”, which is entirely true. Moreover, its manual focus and continuous Autofocus are both not only very fast but they are accurate as well. As a result, if you’re touching on the screen to focus you can tweak the exposure (+/-). That’s why this Windows camera app is the only manual setting you will ever find. Moreover, it takes photos as fast as saves as a well similar way, in-line or even quicker than the Lumia Classic.

Points of Focus on Camera360 Sight Windows camera app

As you already know, this Windows camera app, Camera360 Sight comes with a similar user interface to the Android counterpart. So, it uses the idea of having special lens for taking a photo, but it performs in a different technique. After opening the app, you’ll be able to select either take a picture with the default camera or select one of nine different lenses that offer a variety of various effects. This feature is as cool as it lets you preview what your photo would look as if with a filter before taking it, rather than using a filter taking a photo. As a result, optimistically in this area where Camera360 Sight will develop, as the special effects are incomplete right now.

But, you’ll get tons of other aspects before taking a photo, such as orientation, focus, and the built-in grid. Also, there is an auto white balance option where you can do different changes. But, we are never quite sure how much an impact these changes had on the final photo. Although the fun doesn’t end once you’ve taken the photo, as there are loads of various editing options. The advanced preferences are including sharpness, hue, contrast, exposure, saturation, and shadow. So, you can’t think of any Windows camera app can equal to the Camera360 Sight in the different advanced option.

Moreover, some other features consist of the selfie cam that comes with a timer of 3, 5, and 10 seconds. And it allows mirroring the way of the shot you’re going to taking. Also, there is what you know as an outline where you can get all the information about the photo. The information includes shutter, aperture, white balance as well as resolution.

We have a winner

This Windows camera app is mandatory if you’re using a Windows phone. It’ll can you not only take so many photos but perform advanced editing afterward as well. When an app comes with advanced features, these are genuinely innovative and useful.  Moreover, it makes them easy to get to the casual users because you know you’re on to a winner.


As a Windows camera app, we found a Camera360 Sight really good app that simply can take and edit photos. It’s not only fast but has an accurate autofocus. Besides, it comes with photo settings and many filters so that you can get some great photos. This app is away from perfect as it misses significant features, such as manual control or capability to edit in landscape mode certainly. But, its start is quite hopeful. In this concern, the company has announced they’ll further improve the app and a Windows 10 version will launch as soon as possible. For the moment, Camera360 Sight is free so you should absolutely try it if you’re using the Windows Phone.

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