Z Camera App with Great User Interface & Real-Time Filters

Z camera app presents you a high-speed camera with beautiful filters. Just get it and start recording wonderful moments with Z Camera. It asks just clicking wherever, whenever, you’re! Also, it’s freaky fast! Z camera is one of the best selfie camera apps. It comes with a powerful and HD camera app, which is developed by the Go Dev team. It not only has 4.3 ratings on the Google Play Store but has more than 50 million downloads. Besides, the app works on the Smartphones that with Android 4.0 and its higher OS. But, you might be asking yourself if Z camera app is the best selfie camera app or not. Yes, it’s! As it’s one of the best camera applications for Android, it claims to be the fastest photo apps in its type.

Z camera app

Apart from being the best to capture all your beautiful moments in a jiffy, Z camera is filled with a lot of fantastic features so that you can take some amazing pictures. Also, it lets you have fun with them the whole time. Besides, the app is completely free to download. You can use it from the Play Store, with the enclosure of ads which pops up at some points in the app. The download link of the app is HERE.

Quick Notes of the Z Camera App

  • Category: Digital Photo Software
  • Subcategory: Digital Photo Tools
  • Operating Systems: Android 4 and it’s higher
  • Publisher: Go Dev Team
  • Release Date: February 17, 2017
  • Date Added: February 17, 2017
  • Updated: May 21, 2018
  • Version: 4.16
  • File Size: 43M
  • File Name: External File
  • Total Downloads: 50 Million+
  • License Model: Free
  • Limitations: Not available
  • Price: Free

Why Z Camera App has Millions of Users?

Z Camera app is a completely featured selfie camera app with photo editor, real-time filters, stylish stickers and special collages. You can be a part of 50 million+ users downloading the app. But, what the reasons are that millions of users are using the app. Well, you’ll get the answer while reading the below short notes of the app:

  • Effects: As it offers the magical effects with different styles, it’s so popular to the users.
  • Stickers: It has tons of latest stickers & AR stickers that you can use with one tap to beautify your selfie.
  • Live selfie filters: It comes with the trendy live selfie filters while photographing.
  • Funny face: There is funny face swap features, which are easy to use.
  • Hairstyle editor: The fashionable hairstyle editor makes your selfie attractive to your friends.
  • Special collage: It provides many kinds of special collage templates.

What’s more…

  • Makeup effects: As it has styles of super sexy makeup effects, you’ll be sexier with your pictures.
  • 3D tattoo effects: It not only comes with 3D tattoo effects but has Muscle building as well.
  • Selfie editor: The Body & face shape selfie editor feature makes your selfie amazing.
  • Makeup stickers: It offers the stylish eye makeup stickers.
  • Theme: It’s themed with the superstar, doggy face, etc.
  • Sharing: You can share your special moments easily your Z Moments community.

Features of Z Camera App

As you know, Z camera app is a fastest Android app. It also comes with the rich features along with a very sensitive user interface. So it easily can be ranked as one of the most user-friendly camera applications to have released in the android. It means, by user-friendly, that almost all the essential functions are delivered and designed in a way. As a result, it’s very easier and comfortable to use for the user. For example, if we say about its swipe and gesture functions, these are more than enough to switch between the camera views. Also, the type of captures is rather than going on to special submenus along with categories to trigger alike.

So, when you’re swiping left or right will bring in the video and image, its dynamic picture modes, as well as the up and down swipes, will allow you switching between primary and secondary cameras that it comes with. Besides, the main adjustments and changes to be done during every mode can also call using similar gestures. And, the other of the modifying options will display at will on the screen’s top or bottom of the camera app.

Different Modes of Z Camera App

Z camera app comes with three different modes and those are as below:

Dynamic Mode: With this mode, you can create a video with the length of 10 seconds. So, this mode is to create some short videos. Moreover, it lets you apply filters before you capture the video as well.

Photo Mode: Z Camera’s photo mode enables you to take stunning pictures along with the rear camera or front. Also, it gives you access to various types of filters and allows them to place stickers on the pictures or cool emojis.

Video Mode: When you like to capture videos with Z Camera, simply enable the video mode. This mode allows capturing video without the time bound.

Filters/ Effects of Z Camera App

The Z Camera app offers 12 inbuilt filters. So, tap on the plus sign icon if you want to download additional filters. Moreover, you’ll see an interface with three tabs – new, hot, and categories when you do so. But, tap on the new tab if you need to explore latest filters. Also, you can select the hot tab if you want to see the most downloaded filters. And, you can tap on the 3rd tab to find filters of a specific type. The app allows you to download cool stickers, special frames, and themes in addition to filters. So, you can apply these beautiful filters and themes in your photos and videos. Z Camera app comes with a toolbar module at the top of the main window.

Tools of the Z Camera App

We have got it from the above-stated features that Z camera app is definitely one of the best selfie camera app. Moreover, it comes with a toolbar that allows you doing something extra. So, let’s see what the tools are that coming with the toolbar.

Flash torch: Tap the flash torch icon when your Android phone doesn’t have a front flash camera. The app will set the display brightness to the maximum level once you do so. Thereby it’s improving the quality of selfies.

Self-timer: Z Camera comes with self-timer function as the other apps are.

Beauty mode: The Z Camera app will automatically adjust the brightness, color, contrast of the pictures so as to make them look clearer when you turn on the beauty mode feature.

Other toolbar options: Besides, the other tools are available with the Z camera app, such as Enable or disable HDR mode, blur radial, touch capture, tool, and Show gridlines etc.

Camera Settings of the Z Camera app

On the settings interface, Z Camera app for Android comes with the following options:

Front and rear photo size: The app sets the default size of the photo to the maximum while detecting the phone’s camera resolution. So, tap on this option to change the picture quality.

Timestamp: You have to tap on this toggle option when you wish either photos captured or edited with Z Camera app to have a timestamp. Besides of these two options, the settings UI allows you to auto mirroring feature and enable or disable shutter sound.

Other camera options: It has the option to adjust the picture brightness, contrast, and color. Moreover, it has inbuilt collage creator as well as the special picture-in-picture module.

Summary of the Z Camera app

So, as we’re at the end of the content about Z camera app and here’s the summary of the app’s features once again in short:

  • Beauty Selfie needs just one touch can beautify your unique selfie.
  • Stickers & AR Stickers offer free 500+ stickers for beauty selfie & photo editor.
  • Photo Editor is to change your and face shape instantly.
  • Live Filters are a various range of filter effects to transform your photo into an artwork, such as Texture, Sketch, Leak, etc.
  • Collage Template & PIP that are 200+ free collage templates & PIPs to combine your pictures.
  • Z Moments Community option connects you with worldwide users from 200+ countries in Z Camera.
  • Z Gallery is the private gallery to sort & classify your photos better.


There is no doubt that Z camera app is a powerful Android app that helps you to edit pictures. It makes easy taking beautiful photos with the front or the rear camera of your mobile device. Above all, its nice UI and settings panel for adjusting the photo/video quality. Besides, the gallery app it adds to your home has a neat User Interface so that you can use it as an alternative for the default phone gallery utility.

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